Who are we?

Testive builds amazing and intuitive tools that combine people and technology to help students unlock their true potential.

We didn’t set out to be just another test prep company. We set out to humanize a part of education that millions of students struggle with.

What we’ve figured out about test prep:


The Problem

  1. Even in the presence of unlimited, free educational tools, many students fail to meet their goals.

    Conclusion: Information does not equal education.
  2. Disciplined students can succeed on their own, but those students are rare. Support is available, but it’s expensive.

    Conclusion: We fail most students
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The Solution

Personalized learning for every student

In 2014, Testive made its resource library of 3,000+ questions, solution videos, comprehensive lesson plans, and online learning tools free to all students.

A free, best-in-class prep tool is what parents and guidance counselors told us they needed, so that’s what we made. After we released that free tool, sales grew 6x.

We’ve opened up test prep to any student who has an Internet connection and have served over 130K students worldwide. It was important to us when we started the company to make test prep accessible to all students, no matter what their socioeconomic status. It’s a huge part of our vision as a company.

Motivational support students need to succeed

Testive offers one-on-one personalized coaching for a fee designed to provide the motivation students need to reach their full potential.

We’ve finally cracked the hardest problem in education: getting 16 year olds to do their homework. Our coaches monitor each student’s progress daily, and meet with them weekly. They make sure each student stays on track to meet the goals they established at the beginning of the program.

Our coaches provide just enough structure and support to encourage our students without overwhelming them. Plus, it takes a lot of the burden off parents to make sure the work is getting done.


The Proof

Tech makes learning go faster, people make learning go further

The dirty secret of traditional prep test prep is that it usually doesn’t work. There was a study done by NACAC showing that students improve their scores by only 6 percentile after three months of classes and tutors.

Average students who use Testive improve their scores 18 percentile: 3 times more than tutors and classes. That’s an improvement of 150 points on the SAT, which is significant.

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Our Story

Testive was developed at MIT by co-founders Tom Rose and Miro Kazakoff and launched in 2011. Our software uses adaptive learning algorithms to identify student strengths and weaknesses and generate responsive questions at the appropriate difficulty level. It’s like lifting the right weights at the gym, it makes students stronger, faster.

Testive has offices in Boston, MA and Durham, NC.

Our Team

Testive was started by two MBAs with a vision. If you want to be part of our growing team, check out our job postings.

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