6 06, 2017

5 SAT Tips for Success

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These SAT tips will help your child get started on test prep. Mastering the SAT can have a tremendous impact on your child’s life but it comes at a cost. Preparing for the SAT can be a stressful process for both children and parents. Prep is stressful for the test-taker because the stakes are high [...]

15 05, 2017

The Best Time to Take the SAT or ACT

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Get Your Testing Timeline What’s the best time to take the SAT? What about the ACT? There are seven SAT test dates and six ACT test dates throughout the calendar year. And colleges accept test scores from any test date, taken at any point in high school. So [...]

9 03, 2017

Introduction to SAT Subject Tests: How to Plan for the SAT II

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If you’ve made your way to this article, you’ve at least heard of SAT Subject Tests, but you may not know much about them. SAT Subject Tests, also known as the SAT II's, are administered by the College Board (the same organization that provides the regular SAT.) They assess your ability to demonstrate critical thinking [...]

2 03, 2017

What is a Good SAT Score?

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The short answer is this: a good SAT score is one that gets you into college. We’ll come back to this in detail and I’ll walk you through how to figure out what a good SAT score is for you. But first, here are some other ways of approaching this question: What is the [...]

25 01, 2017

ACT to SAT Conversion

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One of the questions we most commonly hear from students who have taken either the PSAT, the SAT, or the ACT (or even just a practice test for one of these tests) is “what would my score be on the [other test]?” I.e. How do I do an ACT to SAT conversion? To answer [...]

14 11, 2016

SAT Test Dates and Registration Deadlines

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If you are student planning to take the SAT, one of the first steps in the process is to know when the test is being administered. This knowledge will allow you to determine which SAT test date works best for you, both in terms of fitting into your busy schedule and providing you with [...]

7 11, 2016

10 Things You Need to Know Before Choosing an SAT Tutor or Course

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The SAT is stressful for everyone. A few hundred points may be all that's standing between your student and qualifying for a top-tier college or landing that full-ride scholarship. And picking a great prep course can be overwhelming. You can do an online course, but is that enough? There are tutoring services available, but can [...]