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Nick Longenbaugh

Linguist, cyclist, burrito buff

SAT SCORE 2400 / 2400
SCHOOL Harvard University
INTERESTS Biking, coffee, burritos

Nick was born and raised in the high desert of Albuquerque, New Mexico. He eventually made his way to Boston, where he studied computer science and linguistics at Harvard, graduating in 2014. At Harvard, Nick developed his zeal for interacting with students as a teaching fellow, and he is excited to be a part of the Testive team.

Nick is a professional linguist-in-training – he is pursuing his PhD at MIT 2013 and as such he is especially fond of difficult grammar questions. That said, his computer science training comes in handy with those difficult math problems. Regardless of the question type, Nick is eager to work with students as a member of the Testive team.

“Matt completed a 99th percentile test (2340) with a perfect score in Math. We are so thankful for Nick’s help. Matt has always been a strong student and also a good test taker. However, sitting down with a test prep book was not working for him. SAT classes did not appeal to him due to the fact that he really wanted to focus only on areas for improvement rather than areas that he felt he was proficient.”

— Susan I. (parent)