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Here’s what we’re reading this week in the world of college admissions:

High school guidance counselors can help seniors. Steeped in the admissions process fall after fall, guidance counselors are sure-handed resources for seniors applying to college. When senior year kicks off, requirements like teacher recommendations and submitting an academic transcript start to stack up.

Counselors can help students meet the requirements and deadlines in order to tackle college admissions. The first step to working together with your guidance counselor is to set up a meeting.

You can expect your guidance counselor to help you find colleges, understand the requirements to apply on time, send your transcript, and get recommendations.

Read the College Board’s guide to get the most from your guidance counselor.

The financial aid process can get complicated. This presentation on college financing, provided by mefa.org (Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority), explains the different sources of financial aid and walks through the application process.

College Financing from Lisa Allard.


Has your student decided on a major? Loyola University Chicago created a quiz to help students pick college majors. It’s a fun way to associate extracurricular interests and ways of thinking to coursework and potential careers.

Here’s an example: answer “yes” to the statement, “I have multiple interests and a natural curiosity about the world,” and Loyola generates majors like Journalism, Environmental Policy, and Marketing.

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