Start Prepping for the April 11th SAT

Every junior in Colorado takes the SAT on April 11th. We’re offering our personalized SAT Online Course for free to help them get ready. ($300 value)
The deadline to get started is February 28th April 11th

Why We’re Unlocking Our SAT Online Course to Colorado Families

Every junior who attends a public school in the state of Colorado will take the SAT on April 11th, 2017, as part of the state’s new accountability exam. Here’s the thing: every junior should do as well as they can on the April SAT to unlock opportunities for college. We want to help get them there.
That’s why we’re unlocking 12 months of access to our SAT and ACT Online Course to everyone in Colorado. The course is normally $300, but Colorado families can sign up for free until February 28th April 11th.

SAT Timeline with Testive

Enroll in your SAT Online Course.

Enroll using the the form above to unlock personalized practice assignments and our library of video lessons covering critical test strategies today. The biggest hurdle to jump in SAT and ACT prep is simply getting started.

Join your first game plan call.

Join your child on a call with a member of Testive’s Student Success team to discuss your target test dates, prep goals, and how to best utilize Testive SAT and ACT prep.

Take a practice test and identify weak areas.

Take a practice test to set a baseline score. Testive’s software determines your child’s areas of weakness based on his or her practice test score and provides questions to help them improve in the weak areas.

Complete personalized assignments and access lessons by top 1% scoring coaches.

Complete the bulk of Testive’s SAT and ACT prep program, which consists of personalized practice assignments, answer explanation videos, and lessons on test-taking skills developed by top 1% scoring coaches.

Take the SAT on April 11th.

Take the SAT on the mandated test date with the confidence and practice to get an awesome score.

Get your scores back and make a plan.

SAT scores likely come back in June. In the meantime we can help you get ready for another SAT or ACT test date.

A few questions you may have...
Does the April SAT really matter?
Yes. Whether or not you plan to take the ACT, the state of Colorado administers the SAT to every student on April 11th (and April 25th as a makeup.) This is a real SAT test, no different from one you’d sign up for on your own. This presents a unique opportunity for students (and parents) to:
  • Take advantage of a real test attempt that is paid for by the school.
  • Experience the real test. Students typically take the SAT or ACT two to three times.
  • Determine if the SAT is a better fit than the ACT. (Most private and public colleges accept both tests.)
  • Open up state- and college-sponsored scholarship opportunities with strong SAT/ACT performance.
What’s the catch?
There is no catch. The offer for free enrollment into our SAT and ACT Online Courses does, however, end on April 11th. After that, the price will go back to $300 for 12 months of access.

We figured that students, parents, and even educators might be a little bit worried about the change to the SAT. We’ve been helping students, parents, and schools prepare for the SAT for a while. We know the testing process already can be stressful, so we want to be a part of the solution for this particular change. That’s why we’re opening up access to our SAT (and ACT) Online Course to every student in the state, regardless of socioeconomic status. It’s just part of what we do and who we are.
How can you give away a $300 course for free?
To be clear, while our goal is to provide access to personalized learning to everyone, we are a small company that sells test prep services to keep the lights on. We can provide our SAT and ACT Online Course for free for a limited time because we primarily focus on selling our 1-on-1 Coaching Program to families with students in need of additional support. Our SAT and ACT Online Course is a great stepping stone for any motivated student with limited prep behind them and a busy schedule. It personalizes the program structure so students only practice subject areas that improve their SAT score at their own pace. The truth is, for students who struggle to get work done, our SAT and ACT Online Course can be part of the answer, but not the sole answer.

We’ve found that if students answer 80-120 questions every week, they see success. The problem is that many students are busy juggling academics, extracurriculars, and more, so squeezing in prep and staying motivated is hard. That’s why Testive Coaching students, who meet once per week via video chat with a tutor and receive personalized assignments and communication, see higher score improvement and complete six times more work than students who study alone. Success on the SAT and ACT, like anything, involves setting a goal, making a plan, putting in the work, and getting support. Many people can support students in their pursuits to improve on the SAT (or ACT): a family member, an athletic coach, a teacher, or a Testive Coach. While we would love to give everyone in the state of Colorado a Coach, we’re not in the position to do so right now. (We’re a small company!) But we still want to help.

If you feel your child would benefit from the support of a Testive Coach you can find more information on our pricing page.
How is Testive different than The College Board and Khan Academy?
In case you don’t know, The College Board and Khan Academy have teamed up to offer students free SAT practice. This is also a great option for students and we encourage folks to utilize their online practice, PDF practice tests, and more. In fact, our course starts with a real SAT practice test produced by the College Board that can help students drill down on their weakest areas to focus practice and enable faster score improvement.

To summarize, here is what you get with your Testive SAT and ACT Online Course to complement other efforts:
  • Personalized assignments that dig into our bank of 3000 adaptive questions and answer explanations so students are working in the right areas and building confidence.
  • A library of 12 video lessons created by our expert coaching team that cover critical test-taking strategies.
  • Practice test scoring tools to identify opportunities for improvement.
  • SAT and ACT program access.
  • 12-month access for multiple test attempts.
  • An SAT and ACT gameplan call with a member of our Student Success Team.

As mentioned, beyond our SAT and ACT Online Course, we offer 1-on-1 Coaching for students who need additional motivational and instructional support to reach their goals. If you feel your child would benefit from the support of a Testive Coach you can find more information.
Does this work?
Yes. We can help improve SAT and ACT scores. But the key to a successful program is committing to the work. No amount of free test prep will help a student unless they consistently practice in the right areas. Over 150,000 students worldwide have used Testive’s free platform, Online Course, and 1-on-1 Coaching. Time and time again, we’ve seen students increase their scores and unlock amazing opportunities. Our Coaching Program delivers three times higher scores than the test prep industry average, with average score improvements of 3 points on the ACT and 100 points on the SAT. The secret to our students’ success is consistent and productive effort. Here’s our promise: if your student commits to doing the work, we’ll make that work as productive as possible. Read more about our results and testimonials.

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