On April 5th, 2017 all Illinois high school juniors will take the SAT.

Why does this matter? In 2016, only 5000 Illinois students took the test. Effective this spring, Illinois and the College Board partnered to administer the SAT as the state’s accountability exam and every junior will now take a new four hour exam.

The mandated SAT in April also matters for getting into college. Juniors and seniors submit the SAT to colleges as a significant part of the application. That means the SAT in April is worth thinking about. And it’s time to start thinking now.

We researched Illinois’s change to the SAT and why it matters for parents in the free eBook, Illinois SAT: Parent’s Survival Guide.

Illinois SAT: The Numbers

The number of students who took the SAT in Illinois in 2016.
The number of students who will take the SAT in Illinois in 2017.
The national average SAT score.
The first high school class to take the mandatory SAT.
The cost to take the SAT in April.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this mandatory?

Yes. This testing is part of statewide high school accountability and every student is required to participate.

Who does this affect?

All Illinois high school juniors in 2017 will be taking the SAT.

Can my child use this test for college apps?

Yes. This is an official administration of the SAT and counts for college admissions.

What should I do?

Get your child started on prep three months prior to April so he or she can take advantage of the test date.

When will this be?

The test occurs Tuesday, April 11th, 2017. The makeup test date is scheduled for Tuesday, April 25th. Scores will be released on June 17th, 2017.

What does this cost?

There is no additional cost to students participating in the mandatory SAT testing.

Parent Checklist

  • Email your school to verify that it is administering the SAT on April 11th and that your child is enrolled.
  • Determine a target SAT score by talking about some potential colleges and looking up their average scores.
  • Understand your child’s current likely score. Find your child’s PSAT scores and compare them to the target. PSAT scores are excellent predictors of SAT performance.

Start Your Child’s SAT Course

Every junior in Illinois takes the SAT on April 5th. We’re offering our personalized SAT Online Course for free until April 5th to help them get ready. ($300 value).

More Resources

  • The College Board

    The nonprofit organization that produces the SAT and PSAT, the College Board is a resource for registering for test dates and accessing scores.

  • The ACT

    The nonprofit organization by the same name that produces the ACT, the ACT is a resource for registering test dates and accessing scores

  • Khan Academy

    Khan Academy partnered with the College Board to provide free official SAT prep materials.

  • Testive

    Testive provides 1-on-1 SAT preparation and ACT Coaching with 99th percentile SAT & ACT tutors. Until April 11th, 2017, Illinois families can access Testive’s SAT and ACT online prep course for free.

  • College Confidential

    College Confidential is the largest forum for parents to discuss all things college admissions. It’s a good place to get just about any question related to getting into college answered.

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