Webinar: NEW SAT & What It Means for YOU! [Recording]

Is your child going to be taking the NEW SAT?

JohnWatch John LaPlante, standardized testing expert, NEW SAT guru, and Director of Testive Coaching, as he shares his perspective on what you and your child need to know about the NEW SAT in this pre-recorded webinar.


In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What is changing , when it’s changing, and why it matters?
  • What kind of students the NEW SAT will help and who it will hurt?
  • How to decide which test (NEW SAT, current SAT, or ACT) is right for your child?
  • When your child should start preparing to balance a busy schedule?
  • Testive’s 6 Secrets to mastering the NEW SAT, the Old SAT, or the ACT with $30 worth of supplies and an Internet connection.

Watch it Now!

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