Freshman / Sophomore Year Plans

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The first two years of high school are often glossed over by many families in college planning, but in reality, the most successful college planning begins in a student’s freshman and sophomore year. Of course this doesn’t mean that students (and their parents) need to obsess over how every detail in their life fits into their college plan! This plan aims to put it all into perspective.

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6 thoughts on “Freshman / Sophomore Year Plans

  1. I have a rising sophomore that I would like to get started on a plan of success for the SAT. I have two older children that I have done different things with as far as prep classes, in-school prep classes etc. and we didn’t get the results that we had hoped for. I am hoping the 3rd time around is the charm.

    1. Michelle, We hope you decide to choose Testive for your rising sophomore. Our coaching students see an average increase of 150 points on the SAT so I’m feeling that the third time would be quite “charming.” If you would like more information about our coaching program, the best bet would be to schedule a call with one of our student success advisors to see which program would be best for your child. Good luck and happy prepping.

    2. Testive can definitely help. Our unique approach to test prep involves providing the adaptive software that adapts to each students strengths and weaknesses and highly qualified coaches that provide the support students need to stay on track. I recommend scheduling a call with one of our student success advisors or calling us directly at 888-960-8378 to discuss your child’s unique situation. We’d be happy to help!

  2. I’m curious about how important it is to prep for the PSAT. I have a rising freshman, and I’m trying to think ahead about all of this. Thank you.

    1. There are two views on this. Some say since it’s a practice test it’s OK to “go in cold” and see how you do so you know how to better prepare for the SAT. However, the other camp says that since the National Merit Scholarship Program bases their awards off PSAT scores, it makes sense to study so you can do your best and have a chance at winning one of these scholarships. Hope this helps.

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