We wanted to make test prep accessible to all … so we did!

Our FREE adaptive SAT/ACT prep software is available to any student with an Internet connection.

How Our ACT & SAT Prep Software Works

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Our free software is great for students who are…

Highly self-motivated

If your child is very driven, works well independently, and has consistently proven a strong academic performance then our FREE software might be all he needs to give him the edge to reach his goal score.

Close to reaching their goal score

For motivated students who are within 20-50 SAT points, or 1-2 ACT points of their target score, our FREE software allows them the ability to stay fresh, without the intensity of a formal class or coach.

Limited by budget

For busy students and parents strapped for cash, Testive offers cutting edge online prep tools that can be accessed for free by anyone in the world.

Create a free account today Students, prep for free

Add a coach for even better results

Although our FREE program has given over 150,000 students added confidence and a leg up when it comes to SAT/ACT prep, we’ve found that when they add a coach they see a noticeable improvement in their progress and their score.

Why get a coach when I can prep for free?

1. Lack of Accountability: Even the most self-motivated student doesn’t always stay on track or hold herself accountable when it comes to test prep. Let’s face it, it’s probably not the number one priority on any teenagers list. Our coaches provide a level of accountability that keeps students on track.

2. Lack of expertise: Our videos offer helpful guidance when students get an answer wrong and opportunities to reflect on their mistakes. However, sometimes it takes a coach to put this information into a context so the student can use the information for the next time they encounter a similar problem.

By monitoring students’ progress daily, our coaches can figure out where students are struggling and develop a personalized curriculum for them to follow to strengthen these areas.