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Why Testive Has All of Shreveport, LA Talking


Meet the Jones family: Robin (mom), Mary North (daughter), and Henry (son and future Testive student). Testive Coaching helped Mary North become an SAT/ACT all-star.

Find out why Robin is passionate about helping families (20 and counting!) discover Testive. Take her word for it, not ours!



“I discovered Testive through the genius of Mark Zuckerberg! One day I was perusing Facebook, and an ad for Testive popped up in my timeline. I was intrigued by the ad, so I checked out the website, then called. The rest is history!”


Deciding on Testive

“In my town, lots of kids I know take test prep classes. My daughter is a pretty high-performing student. And, she’s a great test-taker. We needed something different. We needed more of a laser beam approach than a scattered approach. I liked that her Testive curriculum was tailored to her.”


The Coaching Difference

“I liked that Will [her coach] personally assigned her work based on her progress...it was never just the generic next page in a workbook. Also, my daughter really looked up to Will. She knew he had attended a prestigious college. She wanted to do well for him! I also loved the parent progress reports we got each week. They let me know she was staying on track with her prep.”



“My daughter was in the 10th grade and had taken the ACT in February -- had a 31. In late July 2015 she started Testive. She was scheduled to take the PSAT mid-October and the ACT the next week. We figured Testive would do double-duty, and it absolutely did! She knocked the PSAT out of the park (1490/1520) and then got a 35 on ACT. Her science went from a 28 to a 36! We completely credit Testive--she gets a little credit for being so dedicated and consistent, that is important too!”


From One Parent to Another

“I couldn’t recommend a program more. Testive is tailored to your student. Where else--especially at this price point--can you find something so personalized? Also, I love that Testive helped her study, learn and prepare on different levels. When she got a problem wrong, she was immediately shown how to get it right; then she was asked to think about why she got it wrong and put that (her reflections) into written form. Finally, before she worked another day, she reviewed her reflections to guide her on the next assignment.”


Why She Can't Stop Spreading the Love

“My daughter is NOT a genius; she is really smart, a hard-worker, and a good test-taker. She and I will be the first to say, we credit Testive for her 35 on the ACT. I love seeing other smart kids have the same opportunity, so that is why I continue tell everyone I know about Testive. I know they think I’m crazy, but hopefully good-crazy. Thanks Testive! It continue to make us smile down here in Louisiana!”

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