When do SAT Scores Come Out? Find Your SAT Score Release Date

SAT Score Release Dates

SAT Test Date SAT Score Release Date
August 26th, 2017 September 18th, 2017
October 7th, 2017 October 20th – 26th, 2017
October 11th, 2017 November 3rd, 2017
November 4th, 2017 November 17th – 23rd, 2017
December 2nd, 2017 December 15th – 21st, 2017
March 7th, 2018 March 29th, 2018
March 10th, 2018 March 23rd – 29th, 2018
March 21st, 2018 April 13th, 2018
April 10th, 2018 May 3rd, 2018
April 24th, 2018 May 17th, 2018
May 5th, 2018 May 18th – 24th, 2018
June 2nd, 2018 July 11th, 2018

Don’t see your test date? See below for off-cycle test information.

Log in to the College Board website to access your SAT scores.

You’ll need the email and password you used when you originally scheduled your test date.

Thinking about retaking the SAT? Take this interactive quiz to find the best time for you to retake it.

Upcoming SAT Test Dates for Students Who Want to Retake the SAT

SAT Test Date Registration Deadline  Late Registration Deadline
August 26, 2017 July 28, 2017 August 11, 2017
October 7, 2017 September 8, 2017 September 27, 2017
November 4, 2017 October 5, 2017 October 25, 2017

SAT test dates and SAT score release dates follow a pattern. Once you know it, you can predict test dates and score release dates in advance. The true schedule doesn’t always follow this format, so check for specific dates above.

When Are SAT Scores Usually Released?

SAT Test Date SAT Score Release Date
Saturday, March 11th Thursday, April 13th
Saturday, May 6th Thursday, June 8th
Saturday, June 3rd Wednesday, July 12th

My Scores Aren’t Out. What Do I Do?

If your SAT scores didn’t come out with the others, that can be very frustrating. In every single batch of SAT scores that are released, there is almost always a group of people who don’t get their scores back in a timely fashion. There are many reasons for this. Boxes of tests are lost, misplaced, or mis-handled. Statistical outliers are held back for additional screening. Scores are also delayed if foul-play is suspected.

Before you invest too much time, check whether other students are receiving their scores. Sometimes the entire batch of SAT scores has been delayed. Check out the SAT sub Reddit, where there will be dozens of students furiously discussing score release. If scores are delayed in bulk, there will be a discussion thread on it for certain.

If other students have received their scores, and there is no note posted on your account at collegeboard.org, then you’ll need to contact College Board customer support for more information. You can do that at 1 (866) 630-9305.


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