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Online SAT prep that motivates students to raise scores.

Testive online SAT test preparation is designed to motivate students to practice for the SAT and get into their dream schools. We raise scores by an average of 100+ points by combining expert teachers and learning technology developed at MIT.
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How to improve SAT scores with Testive

Thousands of high school students worldwide have increased SAT scores in Evidence-Based Reading & Writing and Math by following this proven process.
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SAT Practice Test Graded Report
Practice test technology breaks down up to five official College Board SAT practice tests into subscores like Problem Solving & Data Analysis. Students know where to focus and don’t waste time answering prep questions that don’t help raise SAT scores like other boring SAT prep courses.
One-on-One Coach Meetings
Students meet one-on-one with their expert SAT teacher for 30 minutes at a time and are monitored daily. Coaches efficiently teach personalized SAT test strategies and hold students accountable with text messaging throughout the week so parents don’t have to.
Weekly Practice Assignments
Coaches assign focused practice based on the SAT subjects students need to work on each week. The weekly assignments are designed to fit in a student’s busy schedule so he or she doesn’t fall behind because of extracurriculars or academics.
Practice Technology Developed at MIT
Smart Question technology, designed at MIT, teaches SAT concepts by adapting to each student’s strengths and weaknesses. Students improve scores faster than traditional SAT prep courses with short, consistent SAT practice sessions, instant feedback, and many hours of instructional videos created by SAT experts.
Instant Progress Reports
Practice makes perfect. Instant progress reports show students their score improvement in each section in real time. Students build confidence, stay motivated, and defeat test anxiety with regular practice and coaching.
Parent Portal
Parents can see real-time student progress and Coach communication in the Testive Parent Portal. Coaches tell parents exactly how their students are doing with detailed Coach Meeting Notes each week. We’re on the same team to set your student up to succeed on the SAT.
“I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for SAT tutoring. It is a great way to get SAT prep done on your own time in an effective way. It is a lot easier than sitting in a classroom for 3 hours.”
- Olivia S. raised her score 200 points during soccer season
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Coaches aren’t just SAT tutors. They motivate and mentor students.

Testive Coaches are different from SAT prep tutors because they are experienced motivators. It’s no secret that teenagers aren’t exactly ecstatic about SAT prep. That’s why the biggest hurdle for SAT test-takers is the motivation to do the work. We hire teachers who can push high school-aged students to master the SAT and get into their dream schools. Coaches have 24/7 insight into what their students are doing and use it to to keep students motivated with regular communication.

Testive Coaches hail from the world’s top universities and tout top 1 percentile scores on the SAT and ACT. Coaches meet one-on-one with students over video chat and teach concepts on the SAT Math, Writing & Language, and Reading tests. Coaches also teach test-taking strategies like how to pace yourself for the four-hour SAT test.

Meet our awesome Coaches

“Testive was a great method for me because it kept me regimented but also allowed me to create my own schedule. Sophie’s coaching was exceptional and I’m so glad I had her through this process!”
- Jenna B. raised her score 150 points while studying for APs
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Make sure work gets done without looking over your student’s shoulder

The Testive Parent Portal is the only online tool that gives parents access to their students' daily SAT practice progress, real-time score improvement, and detailed meeting notes right from the Coach. Succeeding on the SAT takes a team effort and we’ve found providing parents with the right information to cheer their student on is key.

Testive's SAT prep software was developed at MIT.

MIT-developed software focuses practice

“Smart Questions” and “Score Prediction” technology are Testive’s SAT practice tools developed at MIT. Students can gauge progress and prep without wasting time answering questions that are too easy or too difficult. Adaptive technology creates more valuable learning moments and saves hours of precious practice time.

See how our software increases SAT scores

Designed for the New SAT

Access thousands of New SAT practice questions that reflect the redesigned test content that the College Board introduced in 2016.

Learn more about the New SAT
Testive provides thousands of questions designed for the New SAT.
“My scores increased 160 points in only one month. I couldn't have done it without Testive. I never had the motivation to pick up the SAT book and start studying.”
- Danielle M. raised her score 160 points
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Lessons and videos built by Ivy Leaguers

Harvard Yale
Brown Dartmouth
The Testive Learning Team, made up of SAT experts from Princeton, Harvard, Brown, and Yale, develops world-class SAT content based on years of research. Students have access to thousands of New SAT questions, answer explanation videos, and lessons that cover critical SAT test-taking strategies.

Trusted by schools

We’re committed to making high quality, affordable SAT preparation accessible to everyone. That’s why the state of North Dakota and schools across the country use Testive to help students get into their dream colleges.

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The state of North Dakota uses Testive
Stop the Presses! We're loved from coast to coast.
"To optimize motivation, Testive uses a combination of machine and man. Students access practice tests and content drills online that include instant feedback and video explanations of concepts and solutions for incorrect answers. But the real tech twist is in a proprietary algorithm that adapts to student skill level to focus learning and reduce practice time, itself a motivation enemy."

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