8 04, 2015

Proof Testive Helps Boost SAT Scores 150+ Points

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Recently, our development team embarked on a hack week where each team member explored an area of our business and worked on a project that would make Testive stronger as a company. Alex, one of our front-end developers, wanted to dig deeper into how well Testive helps students increase their SAT scores. He sought to answer [...]

26 03, 2015

What’s Testive’s Take on the NEW SAT?

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NEW SAT ACADEMY: Lesson 3 Everybody is talking about the NEW SAT ... including Testive. Here's what our CEO, Tom Rose, has to say about the test. Download our FREE eBook - NEW SAT: Everything You Need to Know to have all of this content in one place. You can also watch our pre-recorded webinar The NEW SAT What it [...]

11 02, 2015

Frequently Asked Questions

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General How does Testive work? How is Testive different? Coaching General Coaching Sessions Program Length Matching Coaches & Students Learning Differences Cost and Billing Money Back Guarantee Missing Work Results Getting Started Software General Score Prediction Using Software Only Question Validity Effort Grade Composition How does Testive work? There are two parts to Testive. The [...]

5 02, 2015

Testive Coach Bios

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From Harvard grads with decorated language skills to piano masterminds from Alabama, each Testive Coach has paid their test taking dues and wants to give back to your students. Here are just a few of the talented coaches who are working hard to make ACT & SAT test prep a little less painful. John LaPlante John was [...]