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One-on-one tutoring powered by technology

Learning from test prep books is boring, taking classes can be impersonal, and hiring in-person tutors can be inconvenient. Testive combines the rapid results and flexibility of adaptive learning technology with the motivation and expertise that can only come from another human being.

Coaches make learning go further

Your Testive Coach is your family's trusted test prep partner. They guide, encourage and motivate your child via weekly video chat meetings and keep a watchful eye on daily practice.

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Online practice makes learning go faster

Learning software adapts to your child's strengths and weaknesses so they don't waste precious time studying concepts they already know. Solution walk-through videos and review reinforces positive learning habits.

How online practice works
Coach Note

Hi! During last night's meeting Shay and I completed review of the math calculator section of Shay's initial practice test...

Coach Note

Hello again! Shay scored a 35 on his recent practice test! For next week's practice I assigned Words in Context problems...

Parents, students and coaches stay on the same page

In the Parent Portal, you'll receive weekly Coach notes detailing your child's meetings with their Coach, including what they're working on and what's planned for the upcoming weeks. This way, you stay in the loop as your child progresses throughout the program.

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