What if you didn’t have to stress about the SAT/ACT?

Testive will show you the smart way to prep

“Testive’s online learning approach with coaching inspired me to do better. I felt like I had a team cheering me on.

Having immediate feedback with texts and emails lightened the mood and gave me the motivation to strive higher. My coach, Meg, lifted my spirits through the dreadful task of test taking. Thanks Testive! ”

— Jacklyn D. increased her SAT score by 160 points

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The Great Debate: SAT or ACT?

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Let’s play a game called “The Problems with Test Prep”


“Test prep isn’t really in my budget. I don’t think I can afford a coach.”

Test Prep Is an Investment.

Higher scores → more opportunity. Check out our variety of prep plans (and free software!) to learn more:

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“My son already did a prep course and his score didn’t improve.”

Testive Delivers Results.

“ I wouldn’t have practiced as much if I didn’t have a coach helping me. ”

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Time Commitment

“My daughter is too busy to fit test prep into her schedule.”

Testive Is Made to Order.

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SAT and ACT?

“I think my daughter should prep for both the SAT and ACT.”

Testive Says…Choose!

U.S. universities accept either test; don’t waste time prepping for two! Learn which test is right for you:

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“Studying for the SAT is really, really boring.”

You’re Not Alone.

“ My daughter actually enjoyed tracking her weekly progress. ”

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“Private in-person tutoring is the best way to get personalized help.”

Coaching + Software = Success

“ Because of Testive, I raised my score a little over 300 points. ”

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