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Personalized SAT/ACT Online Tutoring

We combine technology with human coaches to keep your college-bound kid on track and ready to conquer the ACT or SAT.
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A Better Test Score

College entrance exams can send everyone into panic mode over which test to take, when and how often to take it, and which test prep program to use. Testive is different from other test prep options out there. We not only provide the content and structure proven to boost scores, but we also motivate and engage students to reach their full potential.

A Flexible Schedule

Is your kid involved in so many activities between athletics and academics, you have no idea when they're going to find time for test prep?

Whether you have an all-star athlete or a budding politician in the family, your kid only needs to practice 30 minutes a day using our web-based learning software. And our team of expert test prep Coaches will work with your family's schedule--night or day, weekend or school night.

Help With Staying On Track

Some of the brightest kids can be the biggest procrastinators. Our learning software is designed to keep your dawdler motivated. And with weekly video chats with their personal test prep Coach, they'll be held accountable to their goals so you don’t have to be the task-master.

All-Star Tutoring

Our Coaches are all top 1% scorers and have attended the best universities in the nation. Using a combination of modern learning technology and old-fashioned human touch, your dedicated Coach will evaluate and design personalized plans based on your child's biggest areas of improvement for the best results.

Help With Test-Taking Jitters

If your kid is a perfectionist, they may be over-studying–that is, wasting time and effort focusing on stuff they already know. Our approach to test prep combines adaptive technology and human coaching to help identify your overachiever’s areas of need and focus only on improving their weak spots. That way they'll feel confident and ready on test day.

All Of The Above & More

We know that a test score is more than just a number–and so is your child. That's why our approach is designed to adapt to their schedule, learning style, and skill set to provide the best strategy possible for improving their score. With Testive, it’s not a one size fits all approach–no two students' experiences are the same.


Online SAT and ACT Practice Test

Forget the prep books and proctors—an online SAT or ACT practice test is more convenient than its paper-and-pencil counterpart, and instantly generates a personalized study plan.

Commence test-taking

Your Testive Journey

Before we start, we set a goal

Every successful plan begins with a goal. In our initial consultation, we work with your family to determine a clear, reachable objective to work toward, a schedule and a plan of action.

Weekly meetings with your

Your Testive Coach is your family’s trusted test prep partner. We match your family with a top testing expert who guides, encourages and motivates your child via weekly video chats, keeps a watchful eye on your child’s daily performance, and keeps you in the know with progress updates.

Personalized practice questions on

Your child receives focused practice questions based on the topics they need to work on each week. Our learning software adapts to your child’s strengths and weaknesses so they don’t waste precious study time on things they already know, adjusts difficulty based on improvement opportunities, and reinforces learning by prompting students to reflect on the reasons behind their mistakes.

A platform for ACCOUNTABILITY,

Testive’s proven process keeps you, your child and your Coach all humming the same tune. Your child will remain on task, improve their score faster and stay motivated thanks to short, consistent practice sessions on their schedule. Your Coach has instant visibility to your child’s work and data analytics of their progress. And you’ll stay informed through our Parent Portal and progress update emails. We keep everyone on track so you don’t have to.

The Result

Testive’s approach is the perfect balance of coaching, technology and process–which means a better test score for your child and less work for you. Everybody wins. LEARN MORE ›

How Testive works

Online Coaching With A Human Touch

The high-achieving homo sapiens we call Coaches understand what it takes to get awesome test results. That’s because they were top-performing students and athletes themselves and now use that expertise to train, hone skills and motivate their students to greatness.

Meet our Coaches

Meet Some Families Who Trust Testive

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“I couldn’t recommend a program more. Testive is tailored to your child. Where else–especially at this price point–can you find something so personalized? Also, I love that Testive helped her study, learn and prepare on different levels. When she got a problem wrong, she was immediately shown how to get it right; then she was asked to think about why she got it wrong and put that (her reflections) into written form. Finally, before she worked another day, she reviewed her reflections to guide her on the next assignment. We credit Testive for her 35 on the ACT.”

Robin J., Parent

“We were very pleased with our son’s SAT score. We were very happy and appreciative of the connection our son had with his Coach who helped him break through the walls he had put up with regards to some of his studying habits, as well as boost his confidence in tackling the SAT. We saw the changes in our son throughout his program. We would definitely recommend Testive.”

Janet T.

“One of the reasons that this program suited my daughter so well is because she was extremely active and involved in a number of extracurricular activities and sports. Committing to a regular tutoring session did not work well for her because of her busy schedule. Testive gave her the flexibility she needed and allowed her to work on her own schedule as long as she met the goals that she set with her coach. She improved in both English and Math which resulted in a higher overall composite score! She earned early acceptance at her dream school. I am confident that we didn’t leave anything on the table by investing in the Testive program.”

Robin S., Parent

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Best for time-crunched students with an imminent test date.

  • All Coaching features, plus:
  • Twice weekly, 1 on 1 sessions
  • Designed for students with less than 6 weeks to prep
$799 one-time payment


Our most popular plan, with lots of flexibility and accountability.

  • Typically 4-5 months of prep time
  • Personal coach
  • Weekly, 1 on 1 coaching sessions
  • Multiple practice tests
  • Long-term focus: content mastery
  • Testive test prep software
$399 per month

Coaching Plus

Best for less independent students who benefit from lots of guidance.

  • All Coaching features, plus:
  • Twice weekly, 1 on 1 sessions
  • Intense, long-term focus on content mastery and problem subjects
$599 per month