The only test prep that
motivates students to do the work.
increases scores 4x traditional options.
leverages MIT developed software.
Stop the Presses! We’re loved from coast to coast.
“To optimize motivation, Testive uses a combination of machine and man. Students access practice tests and content drills online that include instant feedback and video explanations of concepts and solutions for incorrect answers. But the real tech twist is in a proprietary algorithm that adapts to student skill level to focus learning and reduce practice time, itself a motivation enemy.”
Reach your goal score faster. Get into your top choice school.
Testive offers advanced SAT and ACT learning software developed at MIT paired with the motivational support of top 1% scoring coaches. Students receive regular practice assignments, feedback, and expert instruction that is always personalized to their specific knowledge gaps for faster learning. Testive is different than other test prep options because we not only provide the content and structure needed to boost scores, but we also motivate and engage students to reach their full potential.
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