4 Reasons Parents & Students Choose Testive for SAT / ACT Prep

This year we were fortunate enough to have two leading Boston television stations produce stories about Testive and how we’ve helped students increase their SAT and ACT scores.

In both stories, one thing was clear: both parents and students were happy with their decision to choose Testive for SAT prep and for ACT prep.

This article reveals four reasons why they chose Testive.

First, New England Cable News (NECN) interviewed CEO Tom Rose and the Wissler family and featured them in their educational segment called “Making the Grade.”

You can watch the entire NECN “Making the Grade” segment here. 

What stood out in this segment is what Joanna Wissler (mother) and her daughter Haley had to say about their experience with Testive, which helped Haley’s score increase by 190 points.

Joanna & haley wissler

Supportive one-on-one coaching

Joanna:  “Her coach was able to quickly form a relationship with her and was very encouraging, kind, helpful and she trusted him.”

Haley: “It was really nice to have somebody to talk to and ask specific questions. Something you can’t get from videos or doing practice problems on your own.”

Convenience for the busy student

Haley: “A lot of test prep classes you have to go to a place at a certain time each week, but with Testive you can do it online and it’s tailored directly to what you need to improve on.”

Next, Boston CBS affiliate, WBZ-TV, did a piece about Testive in their “Eye on Education” segment.

You can watch the entire WBZ-TV “Eye on Education” segment here. 

For this interview, host Paula Ebben, interviewed Testive’s CEO Tom Rose, student Alyssa Loessi, and her father Ed. This is what the Loessi’s had to say about their experience.


Substantial score improvements

Alyssa: “When I got my PSAT score I felt really bad because it was below average, but [after using Testive] I’m really high up in the ranks for SAT scores. I went up 410 points, which is crazy.”

Opportunity to apply to top schools

Ed: If you think about the difference, a 400 point increase takes you from being able to apply to medium schools to being able to apply to really good schools.

This is the feedback from just two happy families. To read more testimonials from parents and students and see more score results, visit our testimonials and results page.

Ready to get started with Testive? Schedule a call with one of our student success advisors, sign up for a demo of our coaching program, or call us direct at 888-960-8378.

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