If your teen is thinking about moving across the country to go to college, fear not. It can be done, and Joey is here to help break it down. Joey is a Southern California native who dared to leave the comfort of Orange County to make the journey across the country to Boston. Here he shares some observations about making the cross-country move that are applicable for anyone thinking of moving East to West or West to East during the college years.


Weather can be one of those key things when trying to pick a school. Some people prefer it to be hot, some people prefer it to be cold, but everyone should be able to find somewhere that is just right for them.

East to West

Be prepared to live in an entirely different environment unlike anything you’ve encountered. California is known as the sunshine state for a reason, and a wardrobe upgrade may be in order. Shorts and T-Shirts will be the order of business for the foreseeable future.

West to East

Prepare to field questions about why you would ever think of leaving the West. Tell people you are too busy staring at the changing color of the leaves to talk. The East is known for its seasons, so try and enjoy each of them to the fullest. Except for Winter, which is almost certainly always coming. Make sure to invest in a good pair of boot, and enjoy the first flurry of the season. Having snow days isn’t too bad either.


Food is what brings people together, and nothing is better than having that perfect meal that leaves you full and happy. Figuring out if you’re more carnita burrito or more lobster roll is key.

East to West

Tortillas will almost certainly become a staple of your diet, as will all things taco and burrito related. In-N-Out will most likely be the greatest thing you will ever taste, and restaurants by the beach will be your new hangouts.

West to East

There is an odd fascination with clam chowder at every food establishment that you will frequent here on the East Coast. Well, really anything that is related to seafood is a staple of any place that you will find. Fear not, because Chipotle is still a thing. And Lobster Rolls really are everything that they are hyped up to be.


Being comfortable can oftentimes be overlooked but really is important when it comes to studying, because when you’re in the library for 7 hours a day you want to be cozy.

East to West

The vibe of clothing will definitely be one of the biggest cultural shocks that you encounter when moving out to the West Coast. The masses of people you encounter will be clothed in Hawaiian shirts as far as the eye can see, and this is a land where shoes don’t exist. It’s best to invest in a good pair of flip flops, because it will most definitely be too hot to wear shoes. RVCA, Quiksilver, and Hurley dominate these lands, and nothing is better than a warehouse sale for clothing.

West to East

This was something that was a surprise to me, was just how well people actually dress. That collection of button downs that you think you own is not nearly enough, and investing in a nice pair of khakis definitely wouldn’t be the worst idea in the world. Also, be prepared to see the largest spectrum of colored shorts ever. Period. Salmon has become my personal favorite. If nothing else, you do feel pretty cool wearing business casual a lot more often that you’re normally used to.

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