Most likely everyone who takes the SAT or ACT has a “goal score” they’d like to achieve. If you’ve taken one of these tests and achieved your goal score … congratulations! 

For those of you who fell short of this magic number, don’t despair. A low SAT score isn’t a deal breaker! Think of it as an opportunity. It’s an opportunity to figure out what your weak areas are and allow you to focus on them for the next time around. Good news! Testive’s software focuses on just that.

Here are four other tips you might want to keep in mind when trying to boost your score. 

1.   Be realistic

If you scored an 1800 on your SAT the first time around, it’s probably not realistic to think you still have a shot at a 2400. We’ve seen kids who’ve used the Testive software and coaching improve 300 points between tests, but the average improvement is around 125-150 points. And on the ACT, consider a 2-3 point jump a huge win.  

The thing to remember is, the SAT or ACT is not the only deciding factor when going to college. Your high school transcript is very important as is your essay, extracurricular activities, recommendations, and personal aspirations. There truly is a college out there for everyone, so even if you don’t get into your #1 school, you’ll most likely have a great experience and your #2, #3, or #5 choice. The end result at all of them is the same—earning a college degree. And that’s HUGE!

2.  Don’t cram on vocabulary

Vocabulary is something you develop over time. Make a goal to study a certain number of words a day. You can even make a game of it. As you study the definitions, try to string two or three of the words together in a sentence to help you retain the words. Imagine yourself taking the test, seeing one of those words, and then remembering that sentence you created. It will be a great feeling when you’re able to select the correct meaning of the word. 

3.  Focus on math problems you have trouble with

Most likely you will not miss the algebra questions that you got a perfect score on. So zone in on those that you did miss. This is where Testive’s software comes in handy. As you answer questions, the software will determine your weaknesses and only serve up questions at your level and ability. Through practice you’ll figure out what types of questions that give you the most trouble and be able to hone in on how to get them right the next time. 

4.  Don’t be lazy

This is a big one. We’ve found that their is a strong correlation between effort and raising your score. It makes sense, right. Think about it this way. If you’re training for a race, who do you think is more likely to win, the kid who trains everyday with high energy or the kid who trains every three days half-heartedly. You guessed it. Runner #1. The same is true with test prep. You get out of it what you put into it. 

Happy prepping!

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