When students are looking for additional resources to help them prep for the SAT or ACT, we tell them to follow these five Twitter feeds to get a “dose” of prep every day. 

  1. @SATquestion – Who better to follow than the College Board itself? If you don’t enjoy the SAT Question-of-the-Day email, just get the question delivered via your Twitter feed. It’s a great way to keep you on your toes in between prep sessions. 
  2. @DailyEngHelp – Tom Guafagno is an English teacher dedicated to ridding the world of ugly (albeit common) grammar lapses. Paying attention to his examples every day is sure to increase your Writing score as well as your general swagger and ability to sound intelligent.
  3. @SATPrepGet800 – Struggling with math? Dr. Steve Warner can help. He’s a mathematician and test prep expert who has been tutoring students in mathematics for standardized tests since 1999. Follow his feed for everything you ever wanted to know about algebra, geometry, and trig … oh my!
  4. @CollegeBoundNet – Gina and Dawn tweet about college admissions, test prep, scholarships and seemingly everything in between. They also have contests and giveaways to check out.
  5. @Testive – And of course we can’t forget our Twitter feed where we’ll share tips, tricks, and advice on nailing the SAT and ACT on test day. 

What Twitter feeds have you found helpful for SAT/ACT test prep? Tell us about them in the comments below. 

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