The 52 Best College Admissions Blogs

For a parent trying to navigate the complicated world of test prep, college admissions and financial aid, it can be hard to know what information is actually important, timely and relevant.

To guide you to some of the best resources out there, we’ve collected 52+ great college admissions blogs, along with some helpful test prep and college counseling sites. They are organized into categories, but aren’t in any particular order. Enjoy!

Test Prep and College Counseling Service Blogs

Each of these blogs is run by a test prep or college counseling service that can help your student study for and ace the required standardized exams, as well as help them work through the complicated college admissions process.

1. The Testive Blog

Testive is an SAT and ACT prep service that uses software developed at MIT paired with coaching from top 1% scoring tutors to help students reach their full potential. The blog features tools to help parents navigate the test prep process like, The Guide to Choosing Test Dates and The ACT Vs. SAT Quiz.

2. PrepScholar Blog

PrepScholar is an SAT test prep course run by a group of SAT experts dedicated to helping you excel. They provide a customized guided course to help you design a study schedule that works for you. Their blog contains mostly information about ACT and SAT test prep, with other articles focusing on topics such as the pros and cons of gap years, applying to college, PSAT cramming tips, and more.

3. TutorMe ACT Blog

TutorMe is a blog and prep course designed specifically for the ACT. Their prep course features 500+ practice problems and animated lessons to allow you to pace yourself through your ACT prep. Their blog writes about anything and everything regarding the ACT. They have posts focused on each subject tested on the exam, as well as more general advice for things like how to set your study schedule or what the best prep books are.

4. PWN Test Prep: Funny Name, Serious Prep

Run by a man named Mike McClenathan, PWN Test Prep offers a Math Guide to help students prep for the math portion of the SAT. Posts on the blog primarily focus on the SAT, but is currently going through a transition to focus on the new SAT.

5. Bell Curves Blog

Bell Curves is a test prep service that offers courses and tutoring for a range of exams for high school, college and grad school. Their blog focuses mostly on offering advice on preparing for exams, advice for parents, and advice from alumni.

6. Great College Advice

Great College Advice is a college consulting service that offers services for a wide variety of students of any age or ability. Their blog is split into six sections: Application Tips, Athletics, College Essays, College Profiles, College Selections, and Scholarship and Financial Aid. Articles discuss topics such as how to choose the best college for you and tips on how to get a great recommendation letter.

7. Ivy Coach College Admissions Blog

Ivy Coach does a little bit of everything offering college counseling services, SAT/ACT test prep, and Ivy League statistics. Their blog tends to focus on talking about the sports, statistics and changes at Ivy League schools for those interested in learning more about applying for the Ivies.

8. IvyWise College Admissions Blog

IvyWise is an educational consulting company that combines counseling, tutoring, and research services to offer comprehensive support to their students. Their team is made of former deans and directors of admissions from many of the most prestigious schools. Their blog covers all of the basics of college prep and features posts on topics like score release dates, college admission secrets and tips for applicants.

9. Top Tier Admissions Blog

Top Tier Admissions is best known for their Application Boot Camp that helps students write essays, craft their applications and prepare for college interviews. They also have a variety of counseling resources, tutoring programs, and admissions resources. Their blog features all kinds of college prep tips including posts on who actually reads your applications, how to crush interviews, and test taking tips.

10. Admissions Consultants Blog

Admissions Consultants offers consulting services for students applying for any kind of higher education, including college, graduate school, MBA and more. Their college consulting works to address every student’s unique admissions consulting needs, not just how to write a good essay or submit an application. Their blog provides college prep advice that includes tips and news about specific colleges and their admissions processes.

11. The Savvy Applicant: Princeton College Consulting

Princeton College Consulting provides expert college prep and application assistance to help navigate students and athletes through admissions. They provide a College Admissions Calculator to help you calculate your college admissions changes by school based on your information. The blog features posts about applications, college prep as well as blogs specifically about college athletic programs for athletes applying to college.

12. Admitster’s The Edge: College Admissions Blog

Admitster is run by a team of expert admissions advisers and tutors and provides both a college counseling service and online DIY tools to help answer any question you have about college. Their blog provides general tips on college prep including how to optimize your common app, essay writing and getting motivated for test prep.

13. Cappex: College Insider

Cappex provides a variety of online resources to help students compare colleges, search for scholarships, and choose a potential major. The blog also features posts discussing each of these topics as well as advice on high school, college life, and how to approach life after college.

14. Revolution Prep Blog

Revolution Prep offers a professional tutoring service with tutors specifically focused on math tutoring, subject tutoring, or general test prep as well. The blog covers topics including the new SAT, test prep, tutoring, and prep calendars. This blog seems to have several articles about general school stuff as well as some quirkier posts such as: How You Learned to Hate Math and other subject comprehension.

15. Method Test Prep

Method Test Prep offers online, In-Person and On-Demand tutoring to give your student the most personalized and flexible tutoring option to fit their needs. Their blog features posts discussing all the Ins and Outs of the SAT and ACT including posts on how every student can benefit from tutoring, last-minute SAT prep and test taking strategies.

16. Veritas Prep

Vertias Prep provides SAT, ACT test prep and college admissions consulting with experts in the field who help students get to the top. Though the blog itself is mostly oriented for those going into business school, since Veritas Prep also features grad school prep, there are also some useful posts and information about the ACT/SAT and other admissions tips.

17. Compass Education Group

Compass is a tutoring company that was started by a group of successful tutors who brought their expertise to making their company great. Each of Compass’ tutors go through extensive training before going on to teach with Compass’ many programs including SAT, ACT and Subject Tests. Their blog primarily contains articles on PSAT/SAT/ACT test prep and advice on things like whether to take the test again or what to do after taking the PSAT.

18. College: Admission Possible Blog of Kaplan

Kaplan is one of the most well known sources of test prep, with books sold to help prepare for almost every standardized test. Their blog is focused mostly on helping students really know the exams and get into college. They cover topics such as recovering from lower than expected scores and how to prioritize time in high school.

19. College Planning Blog on Best College Fit

Best College Fit is focused on helping students and their parents through the college planning process, including the admissions process and financial aid. They hold many programs and workshops to make college accessible for all students. Their blog writes about how to design your own college application strategy. Previous posts include College Application Essays: Do’s and Don’ts and Keys to Submitting a Winning Application: November College Planning Tips.

20. College Prep 360

Founded by an internationally acclaimed admissions expert, College Prep 360 offers a college prep program that not only helps students write stellar essays, but also helps grow their leadership potential and emotional intelligence. The blog focuses more on general college prep topics such as test prep. The blog was just started in March of 2016 but is slowly growing into a wealth of information.

21. Coach Mira

Mira offers a holistic coaching approach to help students through the college process by developing an important foundation of skills, tools and knowledge that will be crucial to success in college. Her blogs looks to answer questions that most standard advice blogs don’t think to answer, such as whether or not to take a break from school and jumping ahead of the game on financial aid.

22. ACM College Consulting

ACM College Consulting is an international firm that helps students from around the world through the college search and admissions process. They offer services including creating a timeline for studying for standardized tests, planning college visits and how to apply for financial aid. The blog contains mostly general college prep posts including topics like how to get a good recommendation letter and how to think about regular decision applications.

23. Higher Scores Test Prep

Higher Scores Test Prep is an ACT prep course designed to help students prepare for the ACT under any time constraint. They offer a larger, complete package for students who have 6-12 weeks to prep, as well as shorter courses including one that can be completed in less than a week. The blog talks about both the SAT and ACT as well as topics like financial aid and how to write the application essay.

Online College Prep Service Blogs

There are many college prep services available that don’t necessarily provide a one-on-one tutoring service or a college counseling class, but they still provide important and useful resources that are a more affordable option for parents looking to do a lot of their own planning. These services tend to run blogs that are more specific to the service that their company provides and gives more of a unique insider view into specific parts of the college admissions process.

24. CollegeXpress Blog

CollegeXpress helps students search for and get matched with the best college and scholarships for them. Their blog features posts on topics like how college admissions have changed and how to write the perfect SAT essay. They also feature frequently asked questions answered by experts in the industry.

25. College Raptor Blog

College Raptor helps students find the right college for them at an affordable price. Their blog contains tons of useful information covering topics like financial aid/cost/affordable colleges, college selection, getting in and a general tips and tools section. This blog has a lot of detailed information about the specifics of schools, for instance what colleges you should look at if you are interested in being an entrepreneur.

26. Union Test Prep Blog

Union Test Prep focuses specifically on the ACT and provides practice tests, flashcards, and study guides for students looking to self-study for the ACT. Their blog gives advice for the exam such as how to study for the vocab and whether or not you should take the ACT writing test.

27. Edvisors: Student Aid Matters Blog

Edvisors helps students find sources of private students loans so that students can afford to go to college. They also give advice on how to file the FAFSA, win scholarships and apply for work during college to pay the tuition fee. Their blog is focused on the financial side to college prep, including financial aid, federal aid, and other relevant topics.

28. AdmitOne Blog by My College Options

My College Options provides a free college planning service to help students and parents connect with the colleges and scholarships that they’re interested in. The blog offers tips and tricks on applying for financial aid, and other general college planning strategies. Previous posts include Maximizing Your FAFSA and Preparing for a STEM Major.

29. My College Guide

My College Guide focuses on helping students search for the best online program for them. Not every student is interested in attending a traditional college, and they can help you figure out if online college courses are the best option for your student. Their blog is geared toward students of all stages (adults and highschoolers) who may be interested in online programs. A menu bar at the left allows you to narrow your scope. Topics include how to balance college and being a working adult and what you can do with the degree you’ve earned.

30. Blog helps students find the best scholarships, grants and other forms of financial aid that they qualify for to help students pay for college. Their blog is focused on providing tons of information and updates on thousands of scholarships available to students and how to get the most out of them.

31. Smart College Visit

Smart College Visit helps parents and students plan their college visit and gives you the information you need to make the most out of your college visit. The blog tackles topics that help students understand all the intricacies of college planning including how to rank colleges, and uses a lot of pop culture references like “The Gilmore Girls” to make college planning more relatable.

32. The Parent’s Countdown to College Coach

Created by Suzanne Shaffer, an award-winning college advisor, the Parent’s Countdown to College Crash Course provides parents with a step-by-step guide on the entire college admissions process. The blog is also specifically geared to prepping parents for college. Helpful articles include tips for buying your student a laptop, crowdfunding for tuition, and helpful ways to make applying for scholarships less overwhelming.

College Prep Blogs Written By Experts

These blogs are all run by experts in the college counseling and test prep industry. Many of them are writing about lessons they learned from their own experience and discuss how you can use those lessons to help your student excel.

33. College Info Geek

Though this may be more geared towards college students, Thomas Frank, the founder of College Info Geek created this blog and corresponding podcast to help students (including high school kids!) win at college. It includes tips on how to improve studying, find the jobs and internships you want, and build a solid financial base.

34. The College Solution

This blog was created and written by Lynn O’Shaughnessy, a college education expert and journalist. She offers an online course, The College Cost Lab, for parents, high school counselors and college consultants to help families find ways to make college more affordable. The blog features posts on topics such as admissions, applications and the process, colleges, and campus life.

35. Get Into College Blog

Run by a man named Steve Schwartz who found an “unconventional” way to impress Columbia’s admissions team through his work with the UN, Schwartz founded this blog to help students get into the school of their dreams. He offers course packages that focus on improving your college essay and a counseling program for students who want help throughout the entire process. His blog features several posts about how to write a great college essay and put together a powerful resume. He also runs a podcast, which features interviews with admissions officers.

36. Perfect Score Project Blog

This blog is run by Debbie Stier, the author of The Perfect Score Project which tells Stier’s story of how she helped her son get motivated for and ace the SAT while providing advice on how you can help your own child do the same. Her blog provides links to important SAT resources, tips for the SAT and advice on motivating your student.

37. CollegeBasics Blog

This blog is run by college admissions experts and insiders in the industry who write about the college admissions process, financial aid, and interviews. They give advice on topics such as how to succeed in college, what your college choice means for your earning potential, and college essay subjects to avoid.

38. Peterson’s Guide: A Real Guide to Colleges and Universities

Peterson’s Guide is a blog run by higher education experts dedicated to helping guide students and parents through the admissions process. This blog covers material for high school through grad students but offers a lot of general prep information. There is a menu on the right with categories for high school students like “How to Choose,” “How to Get In,” “How to Pay,” and “Test Prep.”

39. The College Advice Blog

Written by a few successful college grads pulling from their own experience, this blog focuses on providing advice for students transitioning into or in college. They cover topics including the SAT, Interviews and College Preparation. Some examples of articles include Tips to Get the Most Out of Your College Visits and 5 Key Items Every College Student Should Have in Their Book Bag.

40. Road2College

Road2College was founded by Debbie Schwartz, a former marketing executive, who wanted to create a place for parents to find answers to questions they didn’t know they had. The blog offers the scoop on admissions, college apps, testing and financing. Some of the more recent articles include 5 Things to Know Before Looking for Private Scholarships and Confessions of a Scholarship Winner.

41. JLV College Counseling

Formerly an admissions professional, Jessica Velasco is the founder of JLV College Counseling and offers her insider knowledge to help students and their parents move through the college admissions process. On the blog she frequently posts about all topics having to do with college prep from choosing a major to budgeting in college and everything in-between.

42. CollegeBasics

Purely a blog dedicated to covering any and all topics having to do with college, CollegeBasics is a useful resource to help answer any questions you might have. The topics they cover start from planning for college, to actually applying and paying for college, to going to college and how to make the most of your experience there.

43. College Essay Guy

College Essay Guy is run by Ethan Sawyer, a nationally recognized college essay expert. He provides online courses and one-on-one sessions for students looking to step up their essay game. His blog is focused on the writing that goes into college apps and features articles like How to Write your Extracurricular Essay without Rockstar Achievements and What America’s Got Talent Can Teach You About Your College Essay.

44. College Prep Results: A Megan Dorsey Company

Formerly a student counselor, Megan Dorsey started College Prep Results to allow herself to help students full-time. She offers in-person SAT & ACT classes in Sugar Land, Texas as well as private one-on-one sessions online for students interested in getting tutoring to help with the standardized exams. Her blog offers general advice on college prep including recent articles like The Good and Bad of the PSAT for the Average Test Taker and Frequently Asked Questions about the PSAT and National Merit Scholarships.

College Admissions Blogs Run By Official College Sites

Test prep services and college admissions experts aren’t the only ones writing about college prep. These blogs are run by companies like Huffington Post or and provide a different perspective on what there is to know about college admissions.

45. College Confidential

One of the world’s largest college forum’s, College Confidential is a community where parents, students and experts gather to discuss college-related topics. The site also runs a blog addressing some of the more commonly asked questions from the forum. Some of the most popular posts include The First Year College Experience and College Rankings: Good, Bad or Ugly.

46. The Choice and The Learning Network by The New York Times

Though it was discontinued in 2013, The Choice has evergreen resources through college checklists, virtual guidance office sessions, and student posts. Since then, they’ve moved to The Learning Network and have continued to provide admissions tips and advice on how to choose and pay for college for college-bound students and their families.

47. Huffington Post College channel

Formatted as more of a community resource, this channel features articles written by adults and young people about different issues that young people face in college. This includes topics like current events at campuses around the country, relevant topics like the young people’s relationship with voting, as well as advice on making college prep and admissions choices. This is a more well-rounded blog about the college experience with insights from many members of the community.

48. About Education’s Plan For College

About Education is’s page dedicated to educating people on topics ranging from politics to art & literature as well as providing school and student resources for parents and applicants. This page is focused on College Admissions and has a list of blog posts about college prep timelines, questions regarding academic record, extracurricular activities, AP placements, SAT/ACT and more.

49. Specific University Blogs

Some of the universities your student may be interested in applying for have their own admissions blogs, each with unique tips and stories about the school. So if you are interested in certain schools, it’s likely they have a blog for you to check out to see what they look for in their application process. For example:

50. LinkedIn for Student Articles

LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network runs a blog the covers topics relevant for students. Most of the topics are geared toward students in college or for those about to enter the job market, but they also have a plethora of articles about college prep. Topics include secrets to success for college admissions and tips on how to pick the right college.

51. The Common Application – What’s Appening? Blog

Many students know the Common App because they will be using it as an integral part of the college application. But the Common App also runs a blog that provides tips regarding the common app to help students know how best to fill out the application. They also provide other college prep tips such as how to plan for college.

52. Home Room: The Official Blog for the US Department of Education

The US Department of Education is in charge of allocating Federal Student Aid to students based on their FAFSA. They have a blog that focuses on giving financial aid tips to parents to make sure they have the information they need to find ways to make college more affordable.

We hope this list has been useful for you and has set you on the right path to finding the answer to any question you might have about test prep or college admissions.

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