‘Tis the season!

December is in full swing, meaning for many of us, it’s gift giving time.

Looking for the perfect gift for the student in your life?

A lot of colleges will send parents a link to their campus bookstore hoping you’ll do your holiday shopping there, but If you want to know what college students REALLY want, check out these great holiday gift ideas.

High Quality Noise Cancelling Headphones

Roommates can be loud. Suitemates can be louder. And, people at libraries aren’t always quiet. Headphones are a must for every college student and if you can afford a few extra bucks, make sure they’re noise cancelling headphones. They do a better job of hushing the ambient noise around students so they can focus and get their work done. Headphones are also great for just tuning out and tuning in to some music or a video to relax and alleviate stress. We all know college students have stress as we have seen during sat test prep time.

Video Streaming Devices

Now in the streaming age, college students are more likely to have Netflix than cable. But it’s still nice to be able to watch things on a TV with friends. So, that’s where Chromecast, Apple TV, or Roku come in handy!

Video / Audio Subscription

Speaking of Netflix, does the college student in your life have a Netflix account? If not, sign them up. Or maybe Hulu. If music is their thing, sign them up for Spotify Premium. In fact, during the holidays Spotify is running a special. Only $0.99 for 3 months! Can’t beat that.

Coffee Machine

Because college students need caffeine, single serve coffee machines work really well. Keurig is probably the best known, but there are other models available as well.

Just make sure that if the student lives in a dorm they’re allowed to have appliances like that. Oh, and don’t forget to buy the coffee. Coffee is expensive for students on a budget.

Lofty Mattress Pad / Topper

Okay, not really a cool gift by any means, but still necessary if the student doesn’t already have one. School issued mattresses are not comfortable! Just remember, college mattresses are generally an extra long twin, so make sure you buy the right size. Wouldn’t hurt to throw in a mattress cover as well to keep those nasty bedbugs at bay. Yuk!

Interview Suit

If your student plans on interviewing for jobs or internships, a suit is usually necessary. They tend to be very expensive, so it can be quite nice receiving one as a gift (or at least a gift certificate toward one). And even if your student isn’t interviewing, there might be some formal events on campus where a suit would come in handy.

Rain and Cold Weather Gear

If your student is from somewhere warm and has decided to attend college in a place with a harsher climate, a nice winter coat or snow boots would be appreciated. Or even for mild temps, a solid pair of rain boots or a rain coat. Too expensive? How about just a warm hat, gloves, or a scarf.

Hard Cold Cash

You always hear about the poor, starving college student. It’s generally true. Cash is the key to that problem. Every college student loves cash!

With all of that said, the best gift is of course just being together with family and friends.

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