About Whitney Bono

Whitney Bono is a chemical engineer, proud graduate of the University of Alabama, and test prep coach with over five years of experience helping students reach their goals on the SAT and ACT. When she’s not working with students you’ll find her running or reading a good book on one of the gulf coast’s beautiful beaches.
19 06, 2020

Tips for Finding and Applying for Scholarships

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Many people will say that their years in college were the best of their lives, and with tips for finding and applying for scholarships, there is an affordable path to get there. College is a milestone where students are able to explore new experiences, meet new people, and develop independence all while gaining a quality [...]

1 05, 2020

Choosing a College Major

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There are many factors to review when choosing a college major. What does a social worker, mechanical engineer, and accountant all have in common? While this may seem like the start of a bad joke, they all actually have one important similarity. Any idea? Well, they all had to choose their respective fields when selecting [...]

24 04, 2020

What’s on the ACT Math Test?

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Taking the ACT Math Test Soon? Katherine Johnson, the mathematician who calculated the exact flight trajectories which allowed Apollo 11 to land on the moon and return to Earth, once said that “there will always, always be mathematics.” Whether we realize it or not, math is an integral part of our lives. Math allows bakers [...]

30 03, 2020

What’s on the ACT English Test?

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You may be wondering what to expect when you open the ACT exam booklet for the first time, especially with the ACT English Test section. After you have bubbled in your personal information, the proctor will ask that you flip to the first section: English. This section of the test consists of 75 questions and [...]

25 02, 2020

Student Athlete ACT and SAT Requirements

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It seems like congratulations are in order! You have been working on your highlight film, improving your stats with every game, and are preparing to sign your national letter of intent to become a college athlete. The endless hours of practice have paid off and you are finally on your way to play at the collegiate [...]

6 12, 2019

How to Submit Your SAT Scores to Colleges

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With the confidence that only a student who has spent countless hours preparing for the SAT can have, you are finally ready to take on the test. Now the only question nagging you is how to get your soon-to-be exemplary test scores in the hands of your dream school. The good news is that the [...]