Testive recently had the privilege of joining Catholic Memorial (CM) students, parents, and faculty for their annual college night. 

Michael Schell, Director of College Counseling at CM, started the night by leading the group in prayer and outlined CM’s approach to the college application process. 

He then introduced Miro Kazakoff, co-founder of Testive, who warmed up the crowd by saying, “Welcome to Junior year. I won’t lie to you students, this is the going to be the busiest year of your life. For anyone who says these are the best years of your life, I’m here to let you know they are lying. Adulthood is so much better. Testive is here to help you get to the best adulthood you can have.”

Kazakoff spoke to the crowd of 150 Juniors and parents about the vision of Testive, the mechanics of CM’s prep program for the spring SAT and ACT exams, and the element in test prep that matters most—motivation.

Testive and CM are partnering to provide the entire Junior class with the opportunity to engage with Testive’s adaptive software and expert coaches to prep for the SAT and ACT.  

Students will prep on Testive’s software both in and outside the classroom. Testive coaches will work behind the scenes to provide student metrics and program updates to CM, and assign weekly curriculum directly to the students based on their individual problem areas. CM is subsidizing the cost of this program and students have the option to pay for additional Testive coaching support for a reduced fee if they choose to. 


Kazakoff said, “It’s always fun to talk to students and parents about Testive when they are early in the process of college planning. It’s such a complex, stressful experience. I love the chance to let people know that there is light at the end of the tunnel, even if there’s a lot of hard work between here and there.”

Schell, who is also the founder of the Cannonball Foundation, a nonprofit geared toward building college readiness through baseball, clearly has a passion for guiding teenagers and was equally enthusiastic. 

“Catholic Memorial is excited to partner with Testive in offering our students SAT & ACT test prep.  From the quality of the coaches to the software to the passion and purpose of its leadership team, Testive is a great organization.”

Testive is humbled to partner with Schell, President Dr. Peter Folan, and the rest of the faculty at Catholic Memorial, and look forward to kicking off the program soon.

Visit our school partnership page to find out more about how Tesive partners with schools or contact Scott Staiti at

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