The collaboration first started over the summer when School Leader Juan Jose Martinez read about Testive in a Boston Globe article via Twitter.

He has since expanded to include nearly a dozen members of CCA’s staff, including Solomon Zheng, data coach for the entire school, and Brian Goodwin, Curriculum Coach, who is serving as CCA’s lead on this initiative.

Michigan recently switched from an ACT state to an SAT state, and CCA’s goal is to help their students raise the bar by arming their entire Junior class of almost 175 students with the skills they need to prepare for this untested exam.

To that end, CCA worked with Testive to create a program that provides a personalized learning experience for every student. The program officially launched in January and the students are currently prepping on a weekly basis for the MI-specific April test date.

Asked why Testive’s approach fit the look and feel of what CCA is trying to accomplish with their students, Brian Goodwin said,

“The targeted coaching and feedback is what sets Testive apart from other test preparation methods we have used in the past. The coaching aspect of Testive gives our teachers the leg-up they can use to give our students more directed and specific instruction that they require.”

The partnership provides a great opportunity for Testive to bring its blended approach to prepto the classroom. CCA has set aside structured time for each student to complete the recommended 80-100 questions per week, although students have the ability to prep as often as they want using Testive’sflexible online platformCCA has also allocated classroom resources and volunteer staff to ensure students are supported.

With all these pieces in place, CCA and Testive have high hopes for the success of this program: to help students gain familiarity with the exam, engage in effective prep, and ultimately raise their scores.

Goodwin also added,

“The staff at Testive have been great for CCA—their focus, their passion, their philosophy on education and helping young people; we share these beliefs and feelings. This is a great relationship for the CCA Family—the students and staff are benefiting from this already and we can’t wait to see how this relationship with Testive impacts students’ SAT scores and beyond.”

Testive is very proud to be part of CCA’s plan to help their students unlock their full potential and looks forward to an ongoing collaboration with Martinez, Goodwin, and all of the staff at CCA that are building this important piece of the student experience.

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