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Abbie Engelstad

Firefighter, wilderness trekker, latin (plant name) lover

SAT SCORE 2240 / 2400
SCHOOL Harvard Divinity School
Enrolled in Master’s Program
INTERESTS Wilderness expeditions, basketball, latin names of plants

Abbie is a certified wildland firefighter, but finds herself happily in her third year of a three-year master’s program at Harvard Divinity School. She is passionate about forestry and misses puzzling over tree-felling conundrums (it’s all physics!), but is equally thrilled to puzzle over her translations of ancient Greek and theological German.

Abbie has worked with high school aged youth in a number of capacities both in and out of the classroom and has found this work to be some of the most enriching of her life.

“Abbie was really great with Laura. Laura is pretty shy, yet she had no reservation reaching out to Abbie. Abbie was very pleasant and motivating. I think it really kept Laura on tract with her prep. Her ACT score improved 4 points! “

— Virginia I. (parent)