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Ben Flores

Mountain biker, programmer, master of the kitchen

SAT SCORE 2270 / 2400
SCHOOL Yale University
INTERESTS Mountain biking, Cooking, Solving programming problems

Ben grew up in northern Idaho, then transplanted to the East Coast to attend college at Yale University. He worked in Student Affairs at Yale, then earned his M.Ed and taught elementary school before joining Testive as a coach.

In his free time, Ben loves to spend time outdoors, play with his dog, cook, and work on solving various small computer programming problems.

Working with students is second-nature to Ben. His background in education as well as his experience as a freshman college advisor make him well-prepared to support students in achieving their SAT and ACT goals.


“We have a particularly good tutor in Ben. Andrew likes him and he is great in communicating with me. In fact, I get much more insight into what is going on with the tutoring than I would if Andrew were doing in-person tutoring (as there is zero “debrief” with parents). We also liked the fact that Ben offered to prep Andrew for ACT too, to stretch our tutoring dollars (Ben has picked up on the fact that Andrew might do even better on that exam as Andrew is particularly strong in math).”

— Jacqueline K. (parent)