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Carlos Cousins

Polygot, beach bro, vegetarian

SAT SCORE 2220 / 2400
SCHOOL Harvard University
INTERESTS Beach, Duolingo, Vegetarianism

Carlos hails from distant Talcahuano, Chile but has lived in various places in the East Coast since he was 11 years old. He graduated from Harvard College in 2014 where he enjoyed wrestling with obscure 17th-century texts while getting his B.A. in Romance Languages and Literatures. After a great four years at Harvard, Carlos is pursuing a law degree at Boston University where he is putting his reading skills to work toward a career in immigration law. Carlos is excited to help students raise their standardized test scores, get through the hurdle of college admissions and on to the college of their dreams.

A polyglot in training, Carlos is fluent in Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese and is looking to venture into German and Hebrew with local language clubs in the Boston area. As a recently-naturalized citizen and an ESL program grad, he is also happy to connect with foreign and immigrant students struggling with the mysteries of the English language.