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Corey Gumbert

Pre-modern art & architecture aficionado, foodie, athlete

SAT SCORE 2250 / 2400
SCHOOL University of Virginia
INTERESTS Pre-Modern Art & Architecture, Athletics (Triathlon, Climbing, Surf/Ski), Haute Cuisine

Corey Joseph is a Midwesterner who has lived, worked, and studied on five continents. After finishing high school in Singapore with a 99th percentile SAT score, he went on to the University of Virginia where he was a Critical Language Scholar and Boren Scholar. Corey Joseph recently finished his college studies and, in addition to tutoring students, is focusing on redirecting his career into software engineering, agriculture, and real estate investment. He is most passionate about helping others and because of this he feels honored to be helping students to reach their academic goals as a coach at Testive.

“We really appreciate the personal touch from her coaching sessions. Corey is personal, genuinely interested, and as a parent I greatly appreciate that.”

— Rebecca S. (parent)