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Michelle Cronin

Animal lover, chocoholic, channel surfer

SAT SCORE 2190 / 2400
SCHOOL Harvard University
INTERESTS Television, animals, chocolate

A proud Harvard grad, I began tutoring in high school where I helped students of all levels with homework in a variety of subjects including writing, social studies, and math. I continued tutoring in college and while I was studying abroad, even helping high school students in France with the English language.

When I moved to NYC in 2009, I became interested in test prep and began tutoring the SAT and ACT. During those early years, I was trained by and worked with several prestigious tutoring firms. I have also volunteered as a tutor and team leader for one of the largest sites within New York Cares\u2019 SAT Prep Program. Thanks to the internet, I have tutored students across the globe, from China to Canada.

I like to make sessions collaborative and as fun as possible, since I know that preparing for any test can be pain-inducing and anxiety-producing. As a result, my students often meet and exceed their goals!