Testive has spent the last four plus years helping students prep smarter for the SAT & ACT. Since last summer, Testive has shifted some of its effort towards supporting schools that are looking to provide their students with a new, effective way to prep.

One of these schools is Democracy Prep Harlem High School (“DPHHS”). DPHHS is a Charter School group with a mission to help transform student scholars into successful college graduates and active citizens, while bucking the expectations of what a public school can achieve.

In an effort to provide useful tools on the path to college readiness, DPHHS has implemented several initiatives designed to support their scholars. All juniors take a class twice weekly called College Readiness which has the purpose of preparing scholars for success in the college of their choice. The course focuses on finding a match between scholars and a college.


Scholars engage in a careful self analysis to approach, thoughtfully and seriously, the process of selecting schools to apply to. Additionally, the course covers an in-depth analysis of the college application process. One of those areas of focus is test prep. Like many schools, DPHHS believes in providing multiple resources to allow students the opportunity to engage with the style of learning that works for them. In addition to offering traditional test prep tutors, DPHHS decided to bring Testive to the classroom to prepare for the spring exams.

DPHHS is providing dedicated classroom time for their Junior Scholars to prep for the April ACT, and the June SAT. Students are supported by DPHHS staff members, who are coordinating their efforts and assigning students weekly questions through the use of a detailed analytics portal provided by Testive. Below are some screenshots that help provide context for the information that DPHHS has access to, including student progress and weekly activity.



Danielle Leach, the inspired college counselor who brought Testive to DPHHS’s classrooms, along with her supporters, is using these analytics to assign work to the scholars on a weekly basis, and focus on specific areas of weakness.

According to Ms. Leach, “As one of the crucial factors considered in the holistic application review process, it’s important that we provide scholars with time to prepare for these assessments but also that we are able to provide purposeful feedback on their progress, which is where Testive provides imperative data points that allows us to best make those data-driven decisions.”

We are excited to support DPHHS’s continued use of Testive’s prep software and analytics tool, and look forward to the score results later this spring.

For more information about Testive in the classroom and counselor support, contact or visit our partnership page.  

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