Last Minute ACT Tips

With the ACT Test coming up in just a couple of days, we rounded up a few experts in the Testive office for their advice on what students should do these last few days before the test.


Ben Flores, Testive Coach, Yale Grad

Carlos Cousins, Testive Coach, Harvard Grad

Tom Rose, Testive CEO, MIT Grad

John LaPlante, Testive’s Head of Learning, Princeton Grad

Final ACT Exam Advice:

On the topic of last-minute prep and practice tests…

“My tip would be not to put too much emphasis on the last week. You know the test at this point (well, or you don’t). If you feel like you must do some more prepping, do some light review of grammar rules, reading strategies, math formulas, etc.; do not attempt a practice test or tackle as many problems as you have been practicing in previous weeks.”

– Anthony

“Not much is going to move the dial at this point. Best to review what you already know – review problems you have already done – answer them again on their own or with review notes.”

– Ben

“I would recommend completing at least 2 full length tests. Just kidding – I think the advice from all of us is going to be pretty much the same. No heavy lifting, light review if any, no cramming, etc. For the most part, the ship has already sailed – or at least lifted anchor – the day before the test.”

– John

Consensus: Don’t take a full-length practice tests right before the real thing!

On the topic of getting things ready…

“I would also say it’s important to review your ACT checklist under “It’s go time!” Will you make sure to eat a good breakfast? Do you have proper identification?”

– Carlos

“It’s also really helpful to use a checklist of things to bring for test day. Pro tip: collect all that stuff before the morning of the test, so you’re not hunting around for fresh AA calculator batteries in a fury the morning of.”

– Tom

“The most important part of the last week is to make sure you’re physically and mentally healthy for test day. Sleep well, minimize stress.”

– Anthony

Consensus: Gather your stuff the night before (at least) and don’t leave anything to the morning of.

On the topic of what to do the night before…

“You should do something relaxing or fun late afternoon to bed time that has nothing to do with the test just to clear your mind of anxiety. Maybe play video games, watch that show you’ve been meaning to binge, make plans to do something fun with friends that doesn’t interfere with getting a full night’s rest. That type of thing.”

– Carlos

“I typically recommend that people see a movie with friends. Since there is no prep left to do, the only thing that remains is taking your mind off things as best as possible and trying to relax. Distraction is key because relaxation requires that you not dwell on what it coming up.

– Tom

Consensus: Relax and distract yourself the night before the test. It’s all about walking in feeling refreshed and ready to handle whatever comes your way!

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