Testive has a three-part approach to college test prep. Each part is important in its own right, but the magic is in the way the three work together to improve outcomes.

The first is our adaptive learning software developed by our founders, both MIT graduates. It automatically adjusts difficulty levels and offers immediate feedback and study resources in response to a user’s performace on ACT and SAT practice questions.  

The second part is our coaching program. While our prep software is great for helping students practice, our coaches really help students reach their full potential by providing motivation and expert guidance along the way. Coaching sessions are held over weekly 30-minute video chats.

Finally, the third part brings it all together with our process that incorporates goal-setting, reflection, accountability, flexible scheduling, performance tracking and clear, consistent communication between everyone on the test prep team: parents, student and Coach.

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About the Author:

Danny is a member of Testive's Parent Success Team.