How High School Students Can Best use Their Summer Break

For high school students, summer may be about fun and sun, kicking back and relaxing, but it’s also an opportunity to prep for the SAT exam or prepare for the ACT test. High School Students can also gain some great experience and work on building that college application resume.

In this info-graphic we suggest 5 things high school students can do to make the most out of their summers – things that will help both boost personal growth as well as help them get into their dream colleges.


use summer to prepare for sat


Rising seniors will probably be frantic with college application essays and school tours, but rising sophomores and juniors (aka current freshmen and sophomores), will probably have some spare time. In addition, students should reflect on their past year(s) in high school and think about what went well and what didn’t. They can then figure out what their goals may be for the rest of high school and then create an actionable plan to work towards that goal.

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