How Testive Helped Improve My Daughter’s SAT Score & Confidence


At Testive, we get a lot of great testimonials from both parents and students that we share on our website. But as a mother, I couldn’t help but share this “proud mama moment” here on our blog. 

“My daughter has always excelled in Math, but her SAT scores didn’t reflect that. It just didn’t make sense. The last time she took the SAT, she prepped only for Math and her English score went up, but her Math score went DOWN!

Then, she decided to try Testive. She began working with Testive on a Monday by watching the algebra review videos and then did some of the questions. By Wednesday, she took just the Math portion of the SAT and entered it in her Testive account. She raised her score in the Math section by around 100 points in just three days!!

She said it was a nice refresher on material she had learned awhile ago and also felt the Testive practice helped her do the questions faster, in a way the practice in the SAT book hadn’t. I can’t thank you enough.

She’s taken the ACT once (she was one point shy of a full-ride scholarship) and this will be her fourth time taking the SAT this school year because she is only 20 points from a full-ride scholarship.

For the first time, she’s going into this test feeling confident. She’s excited to knock this out of the park and get her college education paid for. She’s walking in hopeful, not defeated. Testive has given her a priceless gift! 

There’s just one thing I wanted to warn parents about. Testive prep can be addictive. As I write this, my daughter has been working on SAT prep for 2-1/2+ hours. She’s really enjoying it.

Testive prep, in combination with my daughter’s determination to meet her goal, has helped light a fire under her like nothing else. Thanks Testive!” 

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