How Testive Motivates Students to Prep for ACT / SAT

Let’s face it, SAT and ACT prep is not really on the top of any teenager’s list of “fun things to do.” So how can parents get kids to prep for the ACT / SAT without too much grumbling and pain?

In this video, CEO Tom Rose explains how Testive’s unique approach motivates students to prep. If you prefer to read the answer to this question, check out the video transcript below.


Hi, I’m Tom, the CEO and co-founder of Testive.

I want to share with you the 3 Reasons why Testive’s approach to learning is so effective at raising test scores.

Let’s face it, studying for the SAT or ACT isn’t something students are jumping up and down to do.

They agree that the learning is important, but they’re so busy with schoolwork, jobs, friends, sports, and clubs, that test prep gets put at the bottom of the pile.

So how does Testive motivate them so they can improve their score? We do 3 things.

Number 1:
We provide students with a highly qualified coach.

The world’s best motivation is provided by coaches. Our coaches have all scored in the top 1% on the SAT or ACT and are trained motivators. Each week they meet 1-on-1 with their students and provide personalized attention so students can achieve their goals.

Number 2:
We provide students with software that adapts to their individual ability level.

Our software keeps students working in the optimal learning zone by giving them the right material in the right difficulty level at the right time.

Number 3:
We provide students with constant feedback.

Behavior is improved with great, timely feedback. Our platform tracks student usage and automatically detects success and failure patterns and alerts coaches. Coaches check-in daily with students to keep them on track.

Bottom line: The best athletes can’t reach peak performance without a great program and a great coach. The best students are no different.

So, are you ready to get started with Testive?

Give us a call.

Happy prepping.

Find out more about Testive Coaching, sign up for a demo, or give us a call today at 888-960-8378 to find out how your child can increase their SAT score an average of 150 points or their ACT an average of 3 points. 

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