What exactly makes Testive’s free prep software so effective?

In this video, our VP of Engineering, David Chippendale, explains what makes Testive’s software work and how it helps students see great results.


Hi, my name’s David and I’m the VP of Engineering here at Testive.

I’m going to be explaining what the “secret sauce” is behind our adaptive software and how it helps students prep smarter and learn faster.

Our software was developed at MIT by our co-founders and is based on a series of algorithms geared towards shortening the learning cycle for each of our student.

In other words, when a student starts prepping, they are served up the right questions at the right time so they are always prepping in the zone.

The result: Instead of spending hours flipping through one of those fat SAT/ACT books or going to a boring class, you can prep online, anytime with Testive and see great results.

So, are you ready to get started with Testive?

Give us a call.

Happy prepping.

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