As this season of the Bachelor is coming to a close, I started to think about how each of the contestants share similar characteristics to a student applying to college.

Then I wondered…

Hmmmm. If these girls were applying to college, who would be most likely to get into the school of her dreams—who would win the final rose?

Gap Year Grace

Every season someone leaves the competition by choice because they just can’t handle the pressure. They need to work on themselves, or they are feeling overwhelmed and this just isn’t what they want anymore.

This is the student who can’t deal with the stress of even applying to college because they have no clue what they want to do in life. At first they thought college would be cool, but now they’re freaking out so they end up taking a gap year.

Last Minute Linda

About mid-season there is always one girl who realizes she has the weakest connection with the Bachelor and starts to panic. She desperately wants to stay, but realizes her efforts are probably too little too late. So what does she do? She either starts talking incessantly to try and win the Bachelor over or she throws one (or more) of the other girls under the bus.

This is the kid who barely showed up for high school and then realizes time is running out before she has to apply to college. She joins every club senior year, finally starts studying, and tries to get the highest SAT/ACT score possible as a last ditch effort to get into a good school.

Harvard Hail Mary Heather

There is always that one girl who is obsessed with the Bachelor way too quickly. She stalked him before she even got to the show, she’s already referring to him as her husband, and she’s named all three of their kids. Of course, she may be the lucky one and get the final rose, but history of the show tells us that the odds are slim and she’ll get sent home early truly devastated.

This is the student who only talks about attending one school, lives in that school’s college sweatshirt, picks out the dorm she’ll live in, chooses her classes and professors in her freshman year of high school, and completes just one application—early decision. Guess what? She ends up devastated.

Stunningly Smart Sarah

The first impression rose often goes to the woman who is both beautiful and smart and has a pretty easy time throughout the season. With little to no effort she will probably finish the show in the top four.

This reminds me of the student who’s got it all. He or she is good looking, smart, popular, and excels at everything they do. Just like the Bachelor contestant, they are the student you love to hate. They will probably only apply to a handful of top schools and get into all of them.

Perpetual Planning Patty

There is always that girl who is perpetually planning her next move. She has to have a kiss during their second alone time, she has a plan for each conversation to take their connection to the next level, and all her interviews are about why everything that happens is important for them as a couple.

This is the student who plans out their whole high school career. They knew what classes they needed to take, every activity they should be involved in, and which achievements they would go after all in the name of looking the best on a college application. They are similar to Harvard Hail Mary Heather, but less creepy.

Sobbing Samantha

And then there is the girl that cries all the time. Happy or sad. Angry or glad. She cries!

This is the student who cries when they apply. Accepted or rejected. Waitlisted or decides to attend. Tears aplenty!

Clueless Carol

Often one special lady will catch the Bachelor’s eye and have a very clear connection that is obvious to everyone…except her. She will be kind of “meh” about it, and goes home earlier than you would have expected because finally the Bachelor figures out that “she’s just not that into him.” Then, later, she totally regrets not going for it realizing he was pretty awesome.

This is the student who starts getting acceptance letters and merit scholarships from some top notch schools, but is lukewarm about the whole process . She ends up going to the college where her boyfriend got accepted, ends up hating it, and him, and realizes how dumb she was for not going to one of the other schools.

And the final rose goes to…

If I had to put my money on one contestant to get into the college of her dreams, I would probably go with Stunningly Smart Sarah. Why? Because she always gets what she wants so why would getting into her dream school be any different.

But who knows…maybe there is a contestant who has been winning his heart behind the scenes that just hasn’t made it to the forefront yet like Even Keeled Eileen, Girl Next Door Dora, or Simply Lovely Lucy.

I guess we’ll have to wait until the finale to see. Stay tuned!

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