What are your main duties and responsibilities at Testive?

As Director of Growth, I’m like the kid on a little league team that plays above average first base, outfield, catcher, and pitcher but always makes sure the water jug is filled for the rest of the team.

Basically, a little bit of everything including sales, marketing, operations, and whatever it takes to support our team and our students SAT preparation and ACT preparation services.

What’s your favorite part about working at Testive?

Undoubtedly the people. Everyday I wake up feeling pretty lucky to come to work with other people that I absolutely adore. I’ve been on some good and bad teams, and this is the most thoughtful, diverse group of makers, builders, and thinkers I’ve had the opportunity to work with.

We are a group of lifelong learners that focus on pushing each other to look at the things that went well, things we can improve on, and things we might have missed altogether. We hold ourselves to the same reflective learning standard that we hold our students to which I think is awesome. It’s an amazing trust in one another that I haven’t seen since the Chicago Bulls championship teams in the 90’s.

When you’re not working, what do you like to do?

I try to stay pretty active whether that is playing basketball, working out, running, biking, or eating. Eating counts as an activity right?

What’s your favorite food?

Anything with copious amounts of cheese.

What’s your favorite movie and why?

So many, but I’d have to go with most Pixar movies (Toy Story, Nemo, The Incredibles to name a few) as the catch all. I’m a kid at heart and they somehow always combine hilarity, unbelievably impressive animation, and awesome characters that appeal to all audiences.

If you had to choose a song that best summarized your personality what would it be?

“ABC” by Jackson 5.

What quote do you try to live your life by?

Definitely a quote my Dad used in the preface of his engineering doctoral thesis that has inspired me to start companies that help others reach their full potential.

“The true goal of human activity is the creation of a worldwide community of awakened and intellectually creative persons, related by mutual insight, and by the common task of fulfilling the potentiality of the human spirit on earth.” – O. Stapelton

Are you a cat or a dog person?


Mac or PC?

Whatever our students, parents, or my mother prefers because my job is to help, which sometimes means doubling as an IT pro!

If you had one piece of advice to give college-bound students, what would it be?

Find comfort in being uncomfortable. Embrace the diversity that college brings and continually seek out new challenges, learning experiences, and people to discover how to discover what you dislike, like, and love. Be comfortable not having or finding answers along the way, but have the courage to seek them out by trying new things with a continually open mind. Enjoy the journey and have fun!

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