Jenny and Ari, a mother and son from the Greater Boston area, graciously agreed to answer some questions about their experience with Testive Coaching. 

Affordability & 1-on-1 coaching were key in choosing Testive

1) How did you hear about Testive?

I heard about Testive from a private college counselor in the fall of my son’s Junior year. He did the program for about 3-4 months.

2) Why did you choose Testive over other test prep options?

Several reasons. First is the fact that the program is extremely flexible in terms of scheduling for a busy and sometimes recalcitrant teenager. I’ve had the experience in the past of having scheduled tutoring and then constantly needing to reschedule because of lack of preparation by my teen, or a schedule conflict.

Second, Testive puts the responsibility on the teen, which is much less stressful and more conducive to family harmony. During the busy Junior and Senior years, it is so important to have other things to discuss and do together other than “college stuff.” Not to mention that with students who are getting ready to go off to college, it’s also completely appropriate to transition the time management, communication and follow through to the student.

Third, we chose Testive for the affordability and the personal attention that Ari would be getting from his coach. Testive far exceeded other options. There are a lot of well thought out processes to both motivate and monitor progress.

My son’s coach was in frequent contact with him by email, text, and Skype. They had a really nice connection. I was also able to communicate my concerns directly with the coach and received automatic weekly “report cards” that tracked my son’s progress. 

Finally, I am an educator myself, and I appreciate that not only does Testive teach testing strategies, but the program’s success is based on best practices about how students can actively engage with learning and retaining content. When a student misses a practice question, the program requires the student to deliberately reflect on why s/he missed the question and, if needed, there are short tutorials to explain and fill in content gaps.

3) Do you feel Testive was a good value?

Absolutely! Testive is the best of both worlds: one-on-one connection with a smart, fun and motivating coach and a self-paced, flexible platform.

4) Would you refer Testive to other parents?

I have and do refer Testive to other families. My younger child is also just starting with Testive.

Flexibility & a personalized approach kept this student motivated and on track

1) What was your overall experience with Testive?

Overall, I had an excellent experience with Testive. I loved how personalized it was and how I could do it on my own time, at my own pace. Testive absolutely contributed to my success on the SATs.

2) Was Testive easy to fit into your schedule?

Testive was easy to fit into my schedule because of the loose structure of the program. Instead of sitting down with a tutor at the same time each week, I got to decide when I would do my SAT practice. Because each practice session was short and focused on a particular area I was struggling in, I utilized Testive as a break from doing homework. 

3) Do you think having a coach helped you prep better than if you just used the software? If so, why?

Yes, having a coach was definitely helpful. My coach David was relatable, friendly, and gave me strong advice. Just knowing there was someone in my corner who knew the test inside and out was extremely comforting as I went through the process of preparing for the SATs. Also, as he came to understand me as a student, David was able to give personalized feedback as to what specifically I needed to improve.

4) Do you think you gained any study skills that will help you beyond standardized testing? If so, what were they?

Yes, I improved my skills of budgeting my own study time and the importance of preparation in manageable portions over a long period of time.

5) How much did your score increase after using Testive?

My SAT score improved from 1980 to 2170. So it went up 190 points. 

6) Would you refer Testive to your friends?

Absolutely 🙂

Want to find out how Testive can help your child? Schedule a call with one of our Student Success Advisors to find out more. 

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