Does your state require the SAT or ACT? Here’s what it means.

The SAT is a critical part of your student’s college application. Earning a great score can boost their resume, while scoring below expectations might call for a retake. Test prep is fundamental to success on the SAT, but thoughtful planning can make the entire process easier. This post discusses how to plan for the November SAT!

When is the November SAT?

The College Board will administer the SAT on November 6, 2018. Normal registrations must be made by October 5, 2018. The SAT with Essay costs $60.00 before this date. Late registration is available until October 24, but your family will be charged an additional fee of $29.00. Online scores will be released on November 16, 2018. For more details on SAT test dates and costs, click here.

Registration Deadline Late Registration Deadline Test Date Score Release
October 5, 2018 October 24, 2018 November 3, 2018 November 16, 2018

Should My Senior Take the November SAT?

Maybe! If your student will be a senior, they will soon be busy with college applications. Ideally, your student will have finished their standardized testing by this point. However, there is still time even if that’s not the case!

Regular Decision applicants can take the November or December SAT. However, it’ll be hard to focus on prep in these months. If your student really needs to boost their score, November is a viable last resort. However, August and October are better months to take the SAT. Please note that the November SAT is too late for students applying Early Action/Decision.

Should My Junior Take the November SAT?

First of all, great job planning ahead! While the fall semester can be intense, juniors are often less busy than seniors. If your junior has been prepping for months, October is a great time for them to take the SAT. Your junior’s fall semester could be an especially good time to take the SAT, since she may be preoccupied with AP tests and college visits in the spring. If your student is well-prepared for the SAT but didn’t earn her target score in October, it might make sense for them to retake the SAT in November!

These are common timelines for juniors. To get a more personalized timeline based on test-taking experience and other external factors, take our test-taking timeline quiz.

Next Steps

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