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Thank you all for your feedback and support. Our students are likely better prepared than ever before. The timeliness of your reports and the depth of feedback were essential. Regardless of the results, this has been a very positive experience."

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Brian Goodwin
Curriculum Coach and Advisor at Cesar Chavez Academy

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Testive is here to help. Schools can earn scholarship money for test prep to give to students in need. Contact us to find out more.


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What is Testive?

We are a new type of test prep company that combines cutting-edge technology with top-scoring coaches to deliver 150 points higher on the SAT and 3-4 points higher on the ACT.

Testive Offers:

  • Free online SAT/ACT software for self-study
  • Coaching packages that pair students with top 1% coaches for personal support
  • Resources for counselors to support student use of Testive
  • Financial aid and school discounts for coaching packages

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