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Free Online SAT and ACT Practice Test

Forget the prep books and proctors—an online SAT or ACT practice test is more convenient than its paper-and-pencil counterpart, and instantly generates a personalized study plan.

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Less setup, more prepping, higher scores.

Testive’s free full-length online practice test emulates the real SAT and ACT experience without the hassle of buying test prep book or driving to a test center. In a timed, online environment, your test-taker will experience what it’s really like on test day, receive their scores instantly, and walk away with a prep plan confidently in hand.

Access to the SAT and ACT

With Testive's free practice test, your child can access a full-length, timed practice test for both the SAT and ACT.

Real test-taking experience

The online practice test emulates the experience of an official SAT or ACT to provide your child with three hours of highly productive practice. As they complete each timed section, the practice test will automatically guide them to the next section of the test. It will also keep track of their remaining time on each section, and time your child's breaks for them.


  • Timed test sections and breaks
  • Extra time option for students with test accommodations
  • Progress saved in case of interruption

Instant score results, breakdown, and practice

Upon completing their practice test, your child's scores are instantly available for review. Both you and your child will receive score reports including the composite and section scores as well as breakdowns of how many questions your child got right or wrong in each category. Your child will also have access to Testive's free prep software to continue honing in on their weak areas identified in the practice test.