Proof Testive Helps Boost SAT Scores 150+ Points

Recently, our development team embarked on a hack week where each team member explored an area of our business and worked on a project that would make Testive stronger as a company.

Alex, one of our front-end developers, wanted to dig deeper into how well Testive helps students increase their SAT scores. He sought to answer two critical questions both parents and students have when trying to decide on the best way to prep.

  1. How much does prepping with Testive help improve SAT scores?
  2. Is there a correlation between score improvement and the amount of time a student preps?

This post is the result of his findings.

How much does prepping with Testive help improve SAT scores?

For his research, Alex looked at 50 students who were using our FREE SAT prep platform in conjunction with our paid coaching program.

Each student took one of the SAT tests in “The Official SAT Study Guide” (also known as the Blue Book) to determine their baseline scores before starting to prep with Testive.

Alex found that, after prepping with Testive, 92% of the students increased their SAT scores from their baseline score with an average increase of 156 points and a median increase of 160 points, as illustrated in the graph below.

sat score baseline chart

The left side of the graph (y-axis) refers to the number of students in the study who received a particular score and the bottom of the graph (x-axis) refers to their score increase compared to their baseline score.

After breaking the results down by sections of the SAT, the average score increase in Math was 47 points, Reading was 44 points, and Writing was 65 points.

Conclusion: Top SAT Scores Could be Key to Getting Into Top Universities

To put things into perspective, an increase of 150 or more points on the SAT could mean the difference between getting into a student’s first choice school and their safety school. In other words, it’s significant.

Is there a correlation between score improvement and the amount of time a student preps?

Next, Alex wanted to see if there was a correlation between the amount of time a student studied and the amount their score increased.

To answer this question, he widened the scope of his test group to include students using our FREE platform as well as those using our FREE platform plus coaching program. His sample size was 10,000 students.

After reviewing their scores and the amount of time they were logged on to the Testive platform, he was able to determine that scores improved approximately 5 – 6 points for every hour of prep the student put in.

Breaking it down by category, he concluded that a student’s Math scores increased a bit faster, at about 6 points per hour, while Reading and Writing both improved by about 5 points per hour.

Conclusion: Technology + Human Coaching + Effort = Success

Alex’s research provides hard data for parents and students to show what CEO Tom Rose set out to prove when he started the company.

“The speed of adaptive learning combined with the motivational power of a human coach allows students to learn faster at the right ability level.”

The only missing ingredient from this scenario comes from the student in the form of “effort.” When you add that piece of the puzzle to the mix, the outcome is success.

Success on the SAT, success in improving the likelihood of getting accepted into a student’s goal university, and success in helping them conquer future learning challenges.

Bottom line: Testive works!

Ready to get started prepping with Testive? Schedule a call with one of our student success advisors to discuss your options or enroll in a plan today!  

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