Stay on Top of the SAT and ACT in December


It’s December. As students wrap up first semester’s final papers, projects and exams, it’s a great time for parents to look ahead to 2018. This week, Molly lays out the roadmap to conquering the SAT and ACT, starting in December.

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My child is a sophomore. What do I need to know?

If you’re the parent of a sophomore and you’re watching this video, you are getting a big head start on the test prep process. Typically, we recommend that sophomores wait to take their first SAT or ACT until June. Since most sophomores are still learning the content that they will be tested on both exams, specifically Algebra II and Trigonometry, it’s best to simply focus on coursework that will pay off on test day.

If your sophomore is a little bit farther along with coursework, enrolled in advanced classes, he or she might consider following our junior year timeline. You can cross-reference your child’s high school coursework with the SAT and ACT content here to determine if he or she is ready to start prepping.

My child is a junior. What do I need to know?

If your junior hasn’t taken the SAT or ACT yet, or if he or she’s taken it once and is looking to improve, here is the most common timeline for the upcoming year:

We recommend that your child gears up for the late winter to spring test. For the SAT that’s March 10th and for the ACT that’s February 10th SAT. By starting prep now, your child can dedicate two to three months of consistent SAT or ACT practice and go into these tests with total confidence.

If your child gets his or her scores back from the spring test and still wants to improve, he or she can take another in June. By following this timeline, your child can reach his or her full potential score before the summer begins, putting standardized testing in the rear view window and taking college applications and the rest of senior year by storm.

What if my child took the PSAT?

Lots of juniors took the PSAT this October, waiting for scores to come back on December 11th. You should think of the PSAT simply as an SAT practice test. Taking the PSAT helps your child get his or her feet wet and we still recommend that you target the real thing this spring.

What should I do next?

The biggest hurdle to conquering the SAT or ACT is simply getting started. And if you’re the parent of a junior, now is a great time to do that. Schedule a time to chat with Molly or another member of our Parent Success Team about your child’s prep plan.

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