It’s time for another monthly wrap up! Let’s see what happened in the test prep and college admissions industry in September.

Filing for Financial Aid just got a LOT easier

There are some big changes coming to the FAFSA! Starting next year, the FAFSA will come out in October rather than in January, giving students much more time to fill out the application. In addition, students won’t have to decide which school to attend before getting their financial aid decisions and families can use an IRS data-retrieval tool to auto-populate many fields on the FAFSA. This will help make applying for financial aid easier for everyone, and may even allow more families to apply and get aid.

Rising Application Volume

Over the past few years the number of applications has been increasing. What does thiis mean? Increasing application volume may lead to lower acceptance rates, but some schools may instead elect to accept more students. You can read more about this in U.S. News article, “What Rising College Application Volume Means for the Class of 2020.”

Test Optional? How about no scores at all?

Hampshire College, a school in Massachusetts, decided to not accept SAT or ACT scores at all. The Washington Post wrote about this decision, which features comments from Jonathan Lash, President of Hampshire College, on what impact this decision has had on the student body.

High School Junior? Read this!

If you’re a current junior who has decided to only take the current SAT, be warned that some schools are not accepting scores from the current SAT. Virginia Tech is one of these schools. To be safe, check all of the schools you’re interested in by looking on their websites or by calling admissions. Or, you could take the ACT.

General Advice on Applying to College

Here’s a breakdown of the three ways colleges can review applications. And some advice on writing the essay. 

Just for Fun

Check out this article about how an Artificial Intelligence system scored just below average on the math section of the SAT.

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