Testive officially supports the New PSAT and the New SAT.

Testive SAT prep software

This was a real team effort at the end of 2015, to prepare for the first administration of the New SAT in March, 2016. Thank you to our developers for planning and building the tech required and our learning team for putting together some awesome content.

Here’s the nitty gritty:

  • Students can practice questions in each of the four sections of the test (Writing, Reading, Math Calculator and Math No Calculator).
  • Students can upload the results of all four AquaBook Practice Tests as well as a PSAT practice test .pdf
  • Students can review all of the new questions.
  • Students are given explanations of where they went wrong with a problem.
  • Students will receive a score as a percentage of the number of problems they got correct.
  • Students can now see (on all tests) the number of possible questions they can practice in a category, so they will know to stop when they have exhausted that content.

To get started, just create a student account at testive.com or if you already have an account, just login and choose NEW SAT/PSAT at the top right of the screen.

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