Testive’s blended approach to SAT & ACT prep has helped thousands of students.

The combination of personalized software and the accountability of working with a human coach has proven a successful formula for helping students prepare for these high stakes exams. 

Now, Testive has taken that blended approach to the classroom with their School Partnership Programs.  

Meet Testive’s School Success Team: Scott Staiti, Director of School Partnerships, and Anthony Stott, Director of School Coaching.  

scottScott Staiti, Director of School Partnerships

Scott’s a Boston area native with years of experience partnering with schools, including over four years at EF Education First, the largest private student travel company in the world.  Scott’s a father of two girls, lover of all things food-related, and huge book nerd, often juggling four books at a time. Not literally.  

Scott’s role on the School Success Team can be described best as the program organizer. His job is to establish goals and prep program structure with partner schools that are looking to offer their students a fresh alternative to traditional prep. 

Testive Picture Anthony Stott

Anthony Stott, Director of School Coaching

Anthony Stott is one of the full time coaches on Testive’s Learning team and has personally tutored dozens of students on the SAT and ACT.

His unfortunate students often have to cope with his insufferable puns. While continuing to do some tutoring, these days Anthony primarily oversees coaches and ensures that each of Testive’s school programs run as smoothly and optimally as possible.

Anthony spends most of his spare time failing to keep his list of books to read at a manageable size and maintain his knowledge of Russian, French, and Latin.

He has worked as a gallery lecturer at the RISD Museum of Art, competed on a ballroom dance team, and sang in an A Cappella group that performed only Disney songs.

Together, these two form the School Success Dream Team and they’re ready, willing and eager to build a relationship with your school and students.

In Scott’s words, “I’m the guy that helps get the plane off the ground. Anthony is the guy that makes sure it flies straight.”

To learn more about Testive’s school partnership programs, email scott@testive.com

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