Testive Raised My Score 340 Points!


Chetan and Heer, a father daughter pair from Massachusetts, graciously offered to answer some questions about their experience using Testive for our blog!

Virtual practice + physical coaching is why Testive succeeds

Testive coaching student, Heer, had this to say about her experience with Testive.

1) What was your overall experience with Testive?

I felt as if Testive was one of the best SAT programs out in the market! It takes a whole new approach at learning, and it identifies with the key methods students need in order to absorb the most information.

2) Was Testive easy to fit into your schedule?

Most definitely! Testive could be done at anytime of the day and this sort of flexibility is vital to any teenager preparing for the SAT. Students my age struggle to balance academics, sports, or jobs which can make preparing for an exam extremely stressful.

Having a program that allows you to practice your skills at anytime of the day makes it more effective. A portion of the Testive program involves video chatting with your coach, one thing I have been most appreciative about is the flexibility my coach, Meg, had. She always was willing to work around my schedule especially because most of our meetings occurred after 9 pm.

3) Do you think having a coach helped you prep better than if you just used the software? If so, why?

As a bi-lingual student, I struggled with fully understanding all the concepts in Reading/Writing. When I watched the videos that explained what/why the answer to each question was I sometimes found myself confused and frustrated.

This is when my Testive coach would step in to help, not only would she spend as much time as I needed to help me understand why I got the question wrong, but she would also provide me with questions of the same type in order to make sure I fully understand the content.

The fact that the virtual practice and physical coaching can collaborate is one of the reasons Testive succeeds.

4) Do you think you gained any study skills that will help you beyond standardized testing? If so, what were they?

I believe Testive has taught me to develop good habits. Most SAT prep programs suggest you practice daily, but Testive is the only one that truly enforces it by allowing you to set goals to complete a certain number of questions every day.

Other programs simply provide you with homework and a due date which leads to procrastination. That’s not true with Testive.

5) How much did your score increase after using Testive?

My score jumped an amazing 340 points!

6) Would you refer Testive to your friends?

I wouldn’t just refer Testive to my friends, I would insist that it is the best program to push you towards success. My peers would learn a lot from this program and I believe that they should enroll because everyone can benefit from this learning experience.

Testive was a great value

Heer’s father, Chetan, told us what he thought of Testive from a parent’s perspective.

1) How did you hear about Testive?

Through a family friend.

2) Why did you choose Testive over other test prep options?

(We) did try Kaplan but it didn’t help much, so I thought (Testive) was worth trying. Plus, the cost was not that much.

3) Do you feel Testive was a good value?

Definitely, I talk about it all the time when I meet any kid who is going to take the SAT. I think it’s a great value, you should add more courses.

4) Would you refer Testive to other parents or Heer’s school counselor?

I always tell all the kids’ parents, I bet there might be at least five to six students who must have joined after Heer. I will be sure to talk to the school counselor about Testive if and when I get the chance to meet with him.

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