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Digitally-Proctored SAT/ACT Practice Tests

Conquering the ACT/SAT is a team effort, and both parents and students have roles to play. Make sure you know what to expect and how to prepare for success with these events hosted by Testive, including a digitally-proctored practice test for students and an online seminar for parents. This convenient, online practice test opportunity is a great way for your student to prepare for the actual test! Receive a complimentary score analysis after completion, and start working on a test prep plan.  To ensure the well-being and safety of students, and given the potential learning environment disruptions concerning COVID-19, we are providing remote practice tests weekly through summer 2020.

Digitally-Proctored Practice Test
Where: Online
College Admissions Test Essentials
Where: Online
Score Analysis + Test Prep Plan
When: Schedule at score release
Where: Phone Call
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Registration for this event is closed.  Please contact for a list of our upcoming test dates.

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Invite your friends to sign up!

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