Why High School Athletes Choose Testive for SAT & ACT Prep


Students who play high school sports are often trying to figure out how to fit in all of their homework, practices, games and any other extracurricular activities they might be involved in. 

It’s a lot! 

And, for many parents, the burden of getting them to all of these activities falls on them tying up much of their free time as well.

So, when it’s time for a student to embark on SAT or ACT prep, it’s no surprise that both child and parent have the same thought…

“How the heck are we possibly going to fit this in?”

Here’s the good news. Because Testive’s software and coaching is all done online, athletes and other busy high school students are able to fit in their SAT & ACT prep around THEIR schedule.

There’s no need to be at a certain place or time each week like you do when attending a prep class. garrett2

Garrett is just one of our many student athletes who used Testive for his SAT prep and was kind enough to share his experience in this Q & A. 

What sports and extracurricular activities are you currently involved in? 

I play soccer, varsity basketball, and run track and field. I am also involved in Student Government/Student Council.

What made you choose Testive over other test prep options? 

Testive did a presentation at Hoop Mountain Camp over the summer at Roger Williams College and it seemed like a good fit for me. It was a 1-on-1 learning experience and the Testive coach was only going to be focused on me during our video calls.  

How did you manage to fit test prep in around sports & homework? 

It was difficult at times because on top of my classes I had to also set time aside for test prep. But you can’t let it stress you out. With Testive, you have the ability to schedule your prep around your busy life.

Did you find the amount of work you had to do each week was manageable and easy to fit in around your practices and games? 

At some points it was difficult because of other things going on, however, I tried to do the most I could every day. Even if I couldn’t get to all of the questions I planned on doing, I still managed to get in some practice and my Testive coach understood my situation.

Did you find that your Testive coach was accommodating to your schedule? 

Yes, he was. Our online coaching sessions were usually at night, which was a good time for me because that’s when I have study hall every night during the week. I could always email him if I had to change my time due to my schedule and he was always able to accommodate me.

How was your overall experience with your Testive coach? 

My coach was very supportive. He was understanding that a high school student is under a lot of pressure. He just encouraged me to do my best and try to get as much done as I could.

What did you like best about the program?

I was able to schedule my prep around my own schedule and not anyone else’s.

How much did your score go up after using Testive? 

My score has gone up 280 points since I took the baseline test when I started with Testive. Even though I’m proud of this increase, there’s still room for improvement so I plan on taking the SAT at least one more time this spring. 

Would you recommend Testive to your friends? 

I would recommend Testive to anyone that wants to see their test scores go up and has a better time learning with a 1-on-1 experience.

Are you trying to figure out how to fit SAT or ACT prep into your busy child’s schedule? Schedule a call with one of our student success advisors for details on our programs or call us directly at 888-960-8378.

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