Why Testive Coaching is Better Than a Tutor or Prep Class

The question we get all the time is, “Why is Testive Coaching better than a private tutor or prep class?” In other words, what makes Testive ‘different?’

Recently, we shot a video with our Head of Learning, John LaPlante to answer that very question. If you prefer to read the answer to this question, check out the video transcript below.


Hi, my name’s John and I’m the Head of Learning here at Testive.

I’m going to explain how our online coaching program works and how it compares to in-person tutoring or a prep class.

To give you a little background about me, I was a lawyer and private tutor for over twenty years before coming to Testive.

Since being here, I’ve learned that the biggest difference between Testive’s coaching program and a private tutor or prep class is that we have access to a student’s progress 24/7 and can use it to provide constant feedback to students.

We can see when they’re practicing, how much they’ve practiced, and where they need the most help.

When in-person tutors meet with students, 50 – 70% of the time is wasted getting this information before they can do any kind of tutoring. And most prep classes don’t even ask for it.

When Testive coaches meet with our students, we’re able to jump right in and help them with the material they’ve been struggling with.

And we’ve found that 30 minutes is the perfect amount of time to get them on track. Any more than that and most students become distracted and lose interest.

So are you ready to get started with Testive?

Just give us a call.

Happy prepping.

Find out more about Testive Coaching, sign up for a demo, or give us a call today at 888-960-8378 to find out how your child can increase their SAT score an average of 150 points or their ACT an average of 3 points. 

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